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Co-create New Humanity and New Earth

Truly free, healthy, balanced and thriving new future is calling us to create it. We have answered that call. We have initiated the greatest transformation program of humanity and we invite you to join that!
We help bold out-of-the-box-thinkers and change makers who are tired of the status quo of their own Life and also of the world to create and live a fulfilling Life of great clarity, deepest desires and highest potential and create significant, positive impact to our world. We do this by our profound, logic and also science based “New Human - New Earth Framework and method” without non-sense.

Who is Sanna Haikonen, the founder of Realitybend? 

How did a naturally curious and Life-loving child grow into a depressed adult with everything seemingly being fine on the outside but with an endless feeling of meaninglessness inside? What made her quit her successful 13 year career with promising future outlook to start her whole Life anew? How has she become the glowing and deeply fulfilled woman she is today and what does she have to offer for you and to the world? 

Read Sanna’s incredible story from a successful career woman in a corporate world to a bold visionary and a change maker with a huge heart who’s ambition and Life’s purpose is to help people find their inner calling and power to create their dream Life of their deepest desires and highest potential. Sanna invites you to start your transformation journey with her today!
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Our first PILOT GROUP of 16-weeks coaching program - Become New Human Premium - starts at the end of FEBRUARY 2023 where we take ONLY 5 PARTICIPANTS. To gain access to that group and gain significant benefits from that ACT SOONEST!

create a life of your highest potential

Become New Human Premium Coaching Program - PILOT

16-weeks group + 1:1 coaching program to rewire yourself to become a New Human who can create and live your Life boldly from your own inner calling and purpose. Through this you can thrive in all areas of your Life and also contribute to the creation of a free, healthy and thriving future for our world.
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What are New Human, New Humanity and New Earth?

New Human, New Humanity and New Earth are terms we use to describe a new state of consciousness, being and Life we create through understanding the nature of Life and reality - including our own - on a whole new level and then embodying it. A state of consciousness, being and Life which is truly highly evolved, free, healthy, happy, balanced, fulfilling, blooming and thriving.


The current state of our humanity and our world is far from healthy, normal and natural

Division. War. Inflation. Corruption. Censorship. Government overreach. Trashing. Pollution. Soil crisis. Extinctions. Food shortages. Mental health problems. Adults causing irreversible damage to children. Morbid obesity. Addictions. And the list goes on. And on. This is not normal This is not natural. This is not representing true human-nature and potential!

The greatest transformation program of humans and humanity

By our nature, we are born to be free, sovereign, healthy, happy, balanced and thriving beings who trust, respect, accept and appreciate the intelligence of Life and nature fully. By nature each of us have our own natural, Life-serving and fulfilling purposes, gifts and talents that we are meant to express in our lives fully to bring true value to Life through that. By our true nature we are powerful beings who are respectful, appreciative and loving towards one another and Life and nature in general. We are born to create individual lives and co-create communities and societies that reflect this true nature of ours. Yet what we are seeing manifesting in our current world is from many parts a total opposite of that. 

Thus we have initiated the greatest transformation program of humans and humanity. There is truly free, healthy, balanced and thriving new future calling us to create it as our manifested, everyday experience and reality. A future where we are expressing our truest nature and our incredible, Life-loving potential individually and collectively. In this new future all Life and nature - including humans - are thriving in beautiful balance. We have answered the call to create and co-create this future and we are inviting you to join us!

How is the transformation done in practice?

At the first phase of our mission we are focusing on providing education, information and coaching to individuals, so they can start - or continue - the process of adopting and embodying a state consciousness and being of New Human themselves. We provide this education on our own, and we are also open to collaborate with others whose vision about the future of humans, humanity and Earth align with our visions of New Human, New Humanity and New Earth. 

Who we are?

Sanna Haikonen

Sanna Haikonen is the founder of Realitybend. She is also the main visionary and initiator of this transformation program to create and co-create a state of being, Life and reality called New Human, New Humanity and New Earth as our manifested, everyday reality.

Sanna is well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate this truly meaningful change and transformation program to create truly free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for our humanity and Earth. Sanna started this work after having a profound enlightening experience which made her to realize the nature of Life and reality on a whole new level. She also realized that to hold the keys for a total, Life-honoring transformation for each individual human as well as whole humanity. 

Learn more about Sanna's story behind this link.
More about Sanna's professional details from Linkedin:
“Sanna is not only a great conceptual thinker, but a person who gets things done according to a plan from very beginning to a very end. Sanna is a great team player, with great can do attitude. Sanna’s capability to communicate and present complex topics in simple and understandable way is a big plus.”

Iines Korhonen

Iines Korhonen is working in marketing & promotion and customer service at Realitybend.

Iines is a sound designer and artist and a radio and podcast journalist as well as a writer. She started her own journey of self-development and transformation four years ago when she experienced a spiritual awakening that made her re-evaluate her whole life so far. Iines is devoted to become a New Human herself, co-creating the truly free, healthy and thriving New Earth and helping others on the journey.
More about Iines's professional details from Linkedin: 

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