Through understanding the nature of Life and reality on a whole new level, we create and co-create new kind of naturally highly evolved state of being and Life, which is truly free, healthy, balanced, thriving and fulfilling. 


Learn founding paradigms for new, healthy, balanced and thriving future. Learn also the basics how to create that as a manifested reality. 
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Become A Leader of A New Healthy Future

Helping leaders and change makers who are looking for ways to solve the multitudinous problems of our world in ways that can really work so you can become part of a creation of a new, healthy and thriving future for our humanity and the world.
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Vision of New Human, New Humanity and New Earth

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Learn how this vision a new, healthy and thriving future for our humanity and the world is created as a manifested reality through registering to our free course: A Door to New Earth!

The current state of our humanity and our world is far from healthy, normal and natural

Division. War. Inflation. Corruption. Censorship. Government overreach. Trashing. Pollution. Soil crisis. Extinctions. Food shortages. Mental health problems. Adults causing irreversible damage to children. Morbid obesity. Addictions. And the list goes on. And on. This is not normal This is not natural. This is not representing true human-nature and potential!

Why have we humans created such a mess as our current state?

Us humans pretty much think, feel act, make choices and ultimately create our lives, communities and societies based on different paradigms and beliefs that we have. This process starts all the way from the paradigms and beliefs we hold about the nature of Life, reality and existence. The simple truth is that the current state of our humanity and our world is a direct reflection of the paradigms and belief-systems that humans and humanity are driven by. Paradigms and beliefs-systems that are not according to the true nature of Life and existence and with that are untrue and unhealthy. You can learn more about this through this blog-post or through the FREE course: A door to New Earth.

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“We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used while we created them.”
  • - Albert Einstein

New paradigm needed as a foundation for human thought and action

When ever the paradigms and beliefs that drive our thinking, emotional reactions, choices and action are contradicting the true nature of existence including our own we are in trouble. This has been the case within this world for a long time already and thus humans and their world is in such troubles. We need a new paradigm that is aligned with the true nature of Life and existence. Such paradigm can provide a healthy and solid foundation for individual humans as well as humans and humanity.

About the true nature of Life and reality

The Truth is that Life and natural reality is interconnected, alert and alive genius, where each part of the natural whole has their own Life- and existence serving purposes in place. Just like each unique cell has their Life-serving purposes within the interconnected genius of our physical bodies. so does each creature, plant or element of the interconnected whole of our beautiful planet Earth. This includes you.

Another interesting fact about the nature of Life and reality is that we are constantly affecting how the Life and reality we experience take form through our own consciousness and energy. This includes our beliefs, thoughts and other mental activity, our emotions, action and other natural energies. This is not only a meta-physical teaching and common sense, it is also something that science clearly confirms. When combining this with other scientific and also spiritual knowledge it means that each and every one of us is far more powerful to make a difference in our own lives and also in the world around us than most of us have ever thought of.

Our current paradigms and belief-systems do not recognize these kinds of facts. Religious dogmas have taught how humans are inherently sinful. Above nature and separate from nature. Men are leaders who are to conquer the world and women are their subordinated servants. Scientific dogmas have been telling a story of a material, partly random and partly deterministic universe where there is basically no purpose for any Life. These kinds of dogmas do not create a healthy foundation for human thought and action.

Learn more through the FREE course: A door to New Earth!

Become New Human

Once you truly adopt the new paradigm which is according to our true, incredible nature it will lay the needed foundation for you to evolve to your truest and highest nature and potential. It is so different from the current, limited and unhealthy state of being of humans that we call this new state as New Human. From this new state of consciousness and being we will then also form New Humanity and New Earth. Truly free, healthy, balanced and thriving new future is calling us to create it. We have answered that call and invite you to join that!

You can learn the new, founding paradigm of (y)our new healthy future together with the seed vision of New Human, New Humanity and New Earth through the FREE course: A door to New Earth. 
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Sanna Haikonen

Sanna Haikonen is the founder of Realitybend. She is also the main visionary and initiator of this transformation program to create and co-create a state of being, Life and reality called New Human, New Humanity and New Earth as our manifested, everyday reality.

Sanna is well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate this truly meaningful change and transformation program to create truly free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for our humanity and Earth. Sanna started this work after having a profound enlightening experience which made her to realize the nature of Life and reality on a whole new level. She also realized that to hold the keys for a total, Life-honoring transformation for each individual human as well as whole humanity. 

Learn more about Sanna's story behind this link.
More about Sanna's professional details from Linkedin:

“Sanna is not only a great conceptual thinker, but a person who gets things done according to a plan from very beginning to a very end. Sanna is a great team player, with great can do attitude. Sanna’s capability to communicate and present complex topics in simple and understandable way is a big plus.”


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