There is nothing sacred in sacrifice

There is nothing sacred in sacrifice

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The most interesting sequence of events started to happen after I wrote and published a post that started with following words: You should give only from overflowing cup. In this way ALL LIFE stays in balance.

I was inspired to write the post immediately as I saw a picture shared by ”Enlightened Consciousness” that stated: ”I care more about my relationship to my inner being than anything else. If I am not aligned with myself I have nothing to offer anyone.” Next I felt the urge of sending the post like a ”message in the bottle” to the sea of communication as a Facebook add. Quite soon the marketing was accepted and I was extremely happy as the the post itself was somewhat evocative and truthfull description about the human-life and it’s condition on this planet right now, which of course means that it is not necessarily the most convinient and comfortable to our current ways of thinking and to the systems and structures we have currently in place in human-world.

The marketing started and within a moment first likes came in but in the next an announcement from Facebook: the add is not shown anymore. Why? Because the picture – not the post – the picture has too much text on it and the pictures with too much text on it do not work so well on adds according to Facebook. So what they did as this wonderful service provider always looking for the best interest of their paying clients and their users, that they didn’t show my add anymore so I am able to alter it, so it can have more impact on our world. So thank you! I have now done that. You can find the picture with “too much text on it” below or behind this link. What do you think? Too much?












What I am mostly grateful about, is that as Facebook was looking for our best interests with such a kindness, it led me to create my first ever blog-post in english! So thank you for that too! But now, with that introduction let’s go into the post itself:

You should give only from overflowing cup. In this way ALL LIFE stays in balance.

People who are all the time giving from the bottom of their cup are exhausting themselves and their environment. Giving their share (at least) 5 days a week in working life that is taking continuously from the bottom of the people’s and the environment’s cup usually 7 days a week, as the manufacturing is running 24 hours 7 days a week alltogether 365 days a year.

As addition to this you try to give ”your best” to your family, friends, acquintances, strangers, hobbies, voluntery work in your community and children’s hobbies, try to have some hobbies yourself as well as you try to keep up with the pace of development and happenings. You try to look good, be perky, be nice, be smart and dynamic, and then blaming yourself and/or others if you (and/or they) are not.

On that ”once a year” a bit longer vacation you should be able to relax – so you can put up and continue giving your share to this insanity – as well you should also have time to take care of different chores you don’t have time or energy to do when you are not on vacation. Then you take a bit – or a bit more – alcohol so you can ”reset” a little, which of course leeds to a situation that your cup is even more empty and then you are back in blaming yourself and/or others.

It doesn’t take too much ”math-skills” to figure out that this equation does not work. Not human beings nor the environment they are living in can put up this kind of ”living” too long, where no cup can ever fill and start overflowing anywhere and if somewhere this ”miracle” happened the ”vampires” are on-site immediately. In this kind of continuous more or less empty cup state of being people are ”living” their lives, running companies and different organisations and countries as well as practice their science and raise their children… Uh! The results of this (too) insanity can be seen everywhere.

Most of the people living like this – i.e. most of the people nowadays – do not even know what it is to have a relationship with their inner being and even better: being aligned with it. This being of love, clarity, trust, inspiration, joy, play, opennes, adventure, passion, intuitive intelligence and other emotional intelligence as well as natural growth and expansion. Memories of early childhood are so week. At that time the brainwash started with ”facts” about how the (human created) world (of insanity) works and what you have to be in order to survive there. Then you started to believe this insanity and lost your conscious connection with your inner being and grew up to be a zombie  

And who is responsible? You are. I am. Each and everyone of us of our own cup and our own alignment to our inner being AND through this we are responsible of the cup and the alignment of all the life (on this planet).

Back to the most interesting sequence of events. Here is a wonderful demonstration that as you do your best staying full and aligned with your inner-being, help, inspiration and opportunities for life to create and evolve through you is given constantly in all different forms from all different sources. Also the ones you may least expect it. In this way life can give constantly to you and through you in most unexpected, unique and versatile ways, instead of sacrificing and taking life from you and through you. Be full of you, be full of life. There is nothing sacred in sacrfice.

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