Adults! For f*** sake!

Adults! For f*** sake!

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I hear a slam from the front door. Nine years old superman-seedling storms in and shouts: ”Mom! You will never believe what the teacher said today at school!” ”Well, tell me.” This little man with the greatness and strength naturally emanating in him has his eyes wide open with huge disbelief and confusion: ”The teacher said that a footballer is not a real profession!”

”Well you can tell the teacher, that she can call to Ronaldo or Messi and ask if football is a real profession or not,” I reply and the disbelief starts to ease with this little human being with natural potential and force pulsing strongly within him, who also believes that a person can be and do what ever (s)he puts his mind and heart to. As the self-confidence starts to get back this superman-seedling dismantles the confusion energy naturally like the thunder does and he says with great vigour and strength: ”Exactly! She should call to Ronaldo and Messi and ask from them if football is a real profession or not! Might be a bit surprised when those guys start to tell her some stuff!” The natural inner strength and self-esteem are now returning despite of teacher’s limited views trying to steal them.

Next I hear the whole story. There was a discussion held in school where children were asked about professions and they were also asked to tell where they see themselves in the future. Fire fighters, doctors, cashiers and hair dressers got an approval from the teacher, but footballer didn’t. This little human being, who naturally emanates such a strength and greatness that you can almost touch it was very confused hearing this kind of statement from a teacher. From a person who should help him and his class-mates to believe in their abilities. From a person who should help him and his class-mates to believe in the possibilities in life. ”Don’t mind,” I tell him. ”The one who thinks like that will never be a top footballer or anything else out of the so called ”ordinary”.

Another example on how an adult, whose mind is programmed with very limited world view suffocates the natural creativity, joy and self-confidence of a child. Two creative and energetic superwoman-seedlings got an assignment. They were asked to paint some sign-posts for an event meant for fundraising for a class. Talented painters got an inspiration to paint the sign-posts using so called splashing technique. There are several pieces of beautiful art at our home, where the twinkling of stars in a night sky have been captured along with the breathtaking beauty of our universe using this technique. One of them contains also a beautiful message fitting perfectly to a theme of this blog post:











What was the reaction of the adults who got the sign-posts created with splashing technique? First the pieces of art were delivered straight to one parent who was responsible of the fundraising event. In her limited adult mind there were no room for the splashing creativity of children. In her mind there were only certain kind of deadly dull signposts possible and the splashy ones did not fit in that image. In her worldview the creative use of splashes represented purposeful misbehaviour. She contacted the teacher who then addressed this so called purposeful misbehaviour with the girls who tried to tell that they thought that the splashes are beautiful. ”No they are not,” the teacher said and just like that walked over the child’s point of view. As a cherry on top of this cake suffocating child’s creativity and self-esteem the teacher continued how one ”well behaving” student would have never done this.

Once more I found myself repairing the damages that so called educational professionals and other adults with limited minds are causing to our children whose minds are not yet so limited. The most mind-blowing part in all of this is that the majority of adults thinks – because of their limited minds – that this is ok! That this is normal! That this is how it should to be! Well let me tell you something: it is not! It is not ok and it is not normal to suffocate the natural creativity and self-esteem of our children! It is not ok and it is not normal that we have created a whole education system doing that stuff! To suffocate our children’s natural potential and fit them to the same old same old stupidity mold. It is not normal! It is not how it should to be! It is actually the most stupid and craziest thing you can imagine!

We live currently on a planet which is dying. She – our planet – is dying because the people with limited minds are killing her! People who can see only certain kind of professions, signposts and ways of thinking, behaving and living. People who can see only certain way of looking at reality. They are killing her and in the process they are killing themselves. The good news is that there is still some time left to turn shi* this around. We have all the possibility and potential to do that. To create a planet and a humanity that is blooming. But people with limited minds will not do that! They have created a planet and a humanity that is suffering and dying. So, to turn this mother f**king shi* around we need people who can see, sense, say, create and do things that others on that particular moment cannot. And we need people that are not afraid to do that! We need people who have their heart in it’s place. We need people who are not afraid to follow it. We need people who have so god damn solid self-esteem and self-knowledge that no limited mind can touch it. We need people who have so god damn solid self-esteem and self-knowledge that if any limited mind tries to touch it, it only gives it extra-boost.

We have a choice. We can choose to help our children and ourselves to find and utilize the natural, unique and ever expanding potential and creativity hidden within each and every one of us because we love and honour our children and ourselves and the life on this planet. Because we love and honour the miracle of life itself. We can also choose to continue on the path of the same old same old stupidity suffocating the natural and unique potential hidden within each and every one of us because we are afraid that something ”bad” might happen if one would go out of the norm… To put it very simply: We can choose life-suffocating fear, or we can choose passion, joy and love that will launch rocket of life to a levels that no fearful and limited mind can comprehend it at the moment. You need to use your heart and your whole being to feel what life could be. So just think and feel about our options for a moment. It really shouldn’t be too hard choice to make.


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