On a way to New Earth – the truth shall make us free

On a way to New Earth – the truth shall make us free

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Let’s start by introducing someone. Highly highly intelligent, uniquely gifted and courageous woman: Jane Roberts (1929 – 1984). She was an author who published several books under her own name, but what is really interesting that there are several books under her name that she did not write with her own physical hands. Instead she fell into trance, her pupils enlarged so that as she took her classes of and looked at her husband Robert F. Butts deep into his eyes, hers were wide open and dark. From this trance-state she dictated several books that I can promise you: blows your mind of. Such elegance, such intelligence, such power they have. Highly highly intelligent, logical, whole, uncompromising, freeing, empowering, sensible. NOT from this world but from the future.

As we – people born into and raised in the so called modern society – are often doubtfull or even in strong denial on anything that does not come from the traditional routes of so called logical reasoning and have so called ”street-credibility” from the science point of view don’t worry: these deliverings hold such logic, intelligence, elegance, wisdom and power that they point us the obvious direction our own science also to take, IF it wants to keep any form of credibility itself and actually: to stay alive. Of course there are open ”fore-runner” people among scientists who have also dived into Seth’s work and the powerfull ideas they hold. It was actually in a connection of a lecture of former NASA-Physicist Thomas W. Campbell that I myself found Seth-books. As I started to read the first book my initial thought was similar as Mr. Campbell’s had been: Finally something that really makes sense! At that moment I also knew I had found my teacher.

Let’s look at our current world briefly at this point. The religion and church that is still alive and existing in our current world used to burn women and men like Jane Roberts alive. People who utilized openly and freely their own unique natural abilities – given to them by the infinite intelligence and wisdom of life – to give to themselves and their loved ones, to their community, their species, their environment, their planet, the whole life basically, instead of fearing it, controlling it and ripping it of. Mostly these burnt people were women as these kinds of abilities have been traditionally connected with so called feminine principle of life. Highly creative and intuitive, not following any established views or rules about reality, but instead surrendering with total trust to the deeper wisdom and flow of life and (it’s deeper and wider) consciousness. These natural abilities and energies of life – ”the feminine wisdom and power” – were so feared by people – mostly men at that time – that they created power-structures like church and government systems with rules and regulations in attempt of controlling the life force they were so afraid of, the life force that gave them too: Life. They labeled it as evil and burnt people – mostly women – alive because of their fear of life. Fear of the Life Force pulsing within themselves, within all.

The fearful people hiding behind and and hanging on to controlling power-structures as church in their fear, were not afraid only of the natural abilities, wisdom and power connected traditionally to the feminine principle of Life. They were also afraid of the natural, most vitally important and essential powerful dance of the feminine and masculine principles of life together. This oh so powerful, magnetic, sensual, passionate, delicious and loving art of creative, renewing and revitalising dance of the principles of life together. The dance of life without which nothing would exist. That energetic natural genius and power of life within all of us and within all life was labeled as sinful. In their fear people labeled and judged our whole nature as evil and sinful and the only salvation that these fearful people thought we could have from this tainted and evil nature was to suffocate and control our true nature by any means. What we did was that we forced ourselves and others to suffocate the genius and the miracle of life within and without. We forced ourselves and others to die inside. To close our heart, suffocate our joy, imagination, creativity, playfulnes, love, compassion, passion, true intelligence and wisdom of life that we have – in which we all have our beingnes in – because we were so afraid of all that. Afraid of ourselves, afraid of life, afraid of All that is. And because of this fear we forced ourselves and others to become heartless and mindless followers of the rules set by fearful, paranoid people. People who had lost their sanity. At this point I can’t help but borrowing something from the bible: “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?” – Mathew 8:26

As people who have been raised like this started to develop a new framework we call modern science, it ended up creating a story of simultaniously accidental, deterministic and mechanistic-like material Universe into which a dimension of consciousness just somehow accidentally lighted-up to some parts of it with all of it’s rich abilities and power, but within the story: no real power. With this story we were actually thrown even deeper into this ”dead inside state”, as now life basically lost all of it’s true intelligence, beauty and aliveness. Now it became just an accidentally materialized machine with no real value or purpose of life other than trying to ”beat the other” in the name of survival battle. But to people who have lost their connection to themselves and the genius of life because of their fear and because of that their need to be in control… the belief in determined, materialistic machine gave them the illusion and therefore comfort in their fear, that if they could just figure out the logic behind this machine they could control it and not feel afraid anymore.

As this disturbingly illogical and life-dishonoring story became the official story of our society, it basically became another religion of fearful people, and the priests of this religion were given an authority to judge any real phenomenons within The True Natural Reality as irrelevant or false, no matter how true, existing, obvious, guiding, life-giving, sensible, logical, intelligent, freeing and empowering they may be. The same goes also with scientific theories with proven facts like quantum physics (see the previous blog-post: Quantum physics enables us to “create a world that sane god would create”). These findings and facts have been considered ”irrelevant” from the so called macro-level point of view of physical reality. Well, not for long they are not. One can run and hide from the truth of life only for so long and we are currently in the midst of huge awakening and quantum leap in the evolution of human consciousness. We are simultaniously awakening to our true nature and divinity, awakening to the true nature and the divinity of all life AND taking a huge quantum leap forward in the evolution of human consciousness. All this is not only intimately connected to ourselves and each other, but with the consciousnesses of all seen and unseen life-forms on this planet including our own, with all consiousnesses of All Life.

The stage of human consciousness of fear and control we call patriarchy, the stage of consciousness that have dominated this world up until now, has created the old dying world we are still living in: The human-world with it’s current power-structures, governments and systems warring against itself. The human-world with it’s current power-structures, governments and systems that are denying, suffocating and destroying our own nature, our own life, our own environment and the whole life on the planet that has given and keeps giving us life. The human-world with it’s current power-structures, governments and systems that are educating our children to become enslaved by these structures and systems. This stage and this world has driven us to a such corner that it is not enough anymore just go back to the natural state from which we started. Firstly we have done already so much damage on different levels of nature within and without for that to hold the only piece of the puzzle anymore. Secondly in the grander scheme of Life, Life wants to evolve. It is not the nature of life to stay the same forever. It is not the nature of life to repeat itself over and over and over again exactly the same as it is not accidentally materialized, deterministic and dumb machine. It is Infinite and with that infinitely genius and creative forever seeking new ways to evolve and express itself to it’s fullest, ever expanding and infinite natural potential. It wants to take those quantum-leaps in evolution and we have not found ourselves from this quite challenging position by some huge mistake that the Genius of Life did with us and now regrets that deeply. It is a challenge created within the Infinite Intelligence, Genius, Imagination, Creativity, Love and Power of Life to enforce us to take that quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness, and in the process give birth to New Human and New Humanity understanding we are Earth-Family with all of it’s creatures. It enforces and enables us to give birth to New Earth.

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