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Life is SUPER-GENIUS. Actually, that is an understatement. It is TOTALLY and INFINITELY SUPER-GENIUS. Actually, that too is way understatement to describe and capture that GENIUS in it’s entirety. Once you become aware of that fact and then start to gradually embody that: you will reach a realisation that there is not one single real reason not to TRUST IT. COMPLETELY. FULLY.

Let’s use some common sense to reason this. From human point of view there is infinite number of smaller expressions of life: like cells. They are each unique – like no other – and each of them has their own super-genius and unique life-giving purpose. Together then, they are able to form huge diversity of larger and again totally unique expressions of Life. Just imagine and reason for a moment what it requires from all of those totally unique cells to accomplish what they are able to accomplish. To create for example a living human being. Each of them unique and continuously changing. Each of them responsing continuously to their environment, their thoughts, their feelings. Continuously becoming something different than just a second ago. Just imagine for a moment the level of trust that cells have to have to themselves and their own inner-guidance. They do not know anything about being for example a human or a plant and yet they are able to form that. It is a very high state of consciousness that they have reached. Each has to be allowed the total freedom to be exactly who they are and to respond in their unique way in the changing environment and the impulses they are receiving within and without. There is no room for fear, doubt, worry and second-guessing. There is no room forcing themselves or others to follow some old traditions and rules when life is continually changing and evolving. There is no room for thinking that they are somehow not enough or worthy just as they are, fully and completely. There has to be incredible level of LOVE and TRUST. Self-love and self-trust, as well as love and trust for others. There is no room thinking that they should somehow earn their right to be. There is no room “earning their living” in any other way than just being fully and overflowingly themselves.

If one is born to be a blood cell there is no point of trying to be a nerve cell. Even if one was born as a blood cell in the middle of huge concentration of nerve cells, there is no point of trying to educate the blood cell to follow the crowd and trying to be a nerve cell. All it would lead would be disappointments. Belief in not-enoughness or too-muchness. Belief that one was born in a wrong time and a wrong place. Belief that life doesn’t work, that it is hard. One would start to become very unhappy, hostile, depressed. Fortunately cells are much more advanced in consciousness, and they rejoice in their own uniqueness and in the uniqueness of others. Life is not hard and huge effort when you are JOY-FULLY yourself. It is fun and life-giving! It is LIVING with capital letters! When each unique cell with their own unique life-giving purpose are in their most natural, most fullfilling, most joyfull and most blooming potential, then also the larger Life-form they jointly create is healthy and blooming. How brilliant!

Let’s dive a bit more deeper. Each unique cells themselves are formed similarly as they form larger expressions of Life. They are formed by infinite number of yet smaller and yet totally unique and genius expressions of Life. Those atoms and molecules are not only able to form huge diversity of different kind of living cells, but also expressions of Life that humans have up until now considered ”non-living”. Fortunately us humans are awakening now from this kind of very limited view and thinking. Not only because it is quite illogical leaving such intelligent and responsive forms and phenomenons of the whole integrated natural reality out of the picture, but also due to the findings of quantum physics pointing us the obvious: the main ”fabric” of Reality with capital R is NOT matter, it is intelligent, responsive and reflective consciousness. (See the blogpost regarding quantum physics behind this link)

Like said, in order for atoms and molecules or cells to accomplish what they are accomplishing, there cannot be rules, regulations and controls to force them to follow certain kind of same old traditions as LIFE is changing and evolving constantly. There cannot be ”board of director cells” where ”lesser” or ”regular” cells has to go to be evaluated and then maybe given a green light to get permission to fullfill the calling they feel within themselves. There cannot be ”countries of cells” with boarders not allowing ”cells from other countries” to enter ”their country” not to mention that they would be warring against those ”other countries of cells”. If there were, there would be no us. There would be no planet to live in. There would be no sun, no moon, no anything. If atoms and molecules or cells would have taken – instead of the road of total trust and freedom – the same road of fear and control that us humans have tried that I write about more in details in the previous blog-post – there simply would be NO LIFE as we know it.

Now let’s use common sense some more: these SUPER-GENIUS principles of Life apply to ALL Life. They do not apply only to atoms, molecules and cells, they apply to us humans and other Earth creatures too. Humans are not alone some ”peak crown and achievement” of all creation who has some authority to slave, capture and kill others for their own egoistic purposes. It is NOT like we by being human-beings together with other unique creatures and life-forms on this planet wouldn’t participate in forming something far grander level of existence and Life that we as us do not know anything about. Planet Earth herself is of course alone a living entity, yet of course it does not end there either. There is not any ”peak crown” or “more important – less important” hierarchy in the GENIUS of LIFE. The Infinite SUPER-GENIUS of LIFE is and operates within, through and as all of it’s expressions. All of it’s expressions are geniusly interconnected with their own unique, genius and life-giving purpose.

Now, imagine for a moment Earth where human-beings have reached the same level of consciousness as the atoms and molecules or cells already have. What would it be like? What would it be like to live in a world where people utilized their own unique gifts and talents fearlesly and freely to bring real life-giving value to the Life on this Earth? What would it be like to live in a world where people knew the purpose of Life was to Bloom and Thrive, and to utilize one’s own unique ever evolving bloom to give to life? What would it be like to live in a world where you received all the abundance needed just by being your blooming self and with that you kept giving even more to the whole? What would it be like to live in a world where children were taught this from the very beginning? To know, to trust, to honour and to love themselves as a living important part of life, fully and completely. As they would do that, they would have enough trust and love for themselves to be able to trust and love others! Just imagine ALL of those amazing Innovations we would jointly create FOR life! Just imagine and feel that human, that humanity, that Earth. Free, blooming and full of love, joy, imagination, creativity, passion, enjoyment, inspiration… Full of LIFE!

What we just did by asking those questions and using our imagination for that, is that we activated the creative center in our brain. That is how brilliantly those cells work together! They respond to our thoughts! What we also did, is that we participated in the creation of that human, humanity and Earth. Remember the main ”fabric” of Reality with capital R is NOT matter, but intelligent, responsive and reflective consciousness. Know thyself! You, as I, have a purpose to become the fullest, the most blooming expression of ourselves, and through that give to life. It has something to do in participating the co-creation of that free, blooming and thriving humanity and life on this planet. That purpose brings us everything and anything we need to live our lives to the fullest, and through that purpose we are giving everything to Life that we are supposed to. That is how the SUPER-GENIUS of Life works and operates. It is FOR life, not against it. Anything that is against life shall lose it’s grip and cease to exist, and anything that is FOR life will grow and bloom. That too is how the SUPER-GENIUS of LIFE works and operates. Our task is simply unlearn anything that tells otherwise – an important step as the main ”fabric” of Reality is intelligent, responsive and reflective consciousness – and TRUST IT. Trust ourselves. Trust the SUPER-GENIUS of LIFE. That is really the only sensible way to live.

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