Fear of Life = Fear of Sickness and Death

Fear of Life = Fear of Sickness and Death

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And so I sat there, watching the world of humans going crazy. Yet the truth was they had been crazy for a long  long time already, now it just escalated and surfed up for all to see. And I sat there in silence and then thoughts came:

What happened to human? How it became so detached from itself and Life? How it became so fearful? How did it go insane? We have a being of Life not knowing Life. It thinks it cannot handle sickness or health without an army. An army of hospitals and manufactured chemicals. Yeah, and toilet paper! It thinks it cannot handle Life without an army of governments, without an army of guns. It thinks it cannot handle it’s thoughts, imagination and emotions without army of therapists, psychiatrists, philophers, religions and manufactured chemicals.  It thinks it cannot handle it’s speech or actions without an army of everything just mentioned and additionally  an army of policies, rules and regulations that needs yet another armies of all just mentioned so this human could keep up in it’s desperate try to control all of these armies. It also thinks it cannot live it’s Life without an army of extremely complicated and “no sense in it” financial system it has created.

In this world a virus comes along. Human coming from a place of all just described panics like never seen before. It is such a crazy scene that you kinda pinch yourself in disbelief: this cannot really be happening! It can’t really be that a real creature of Life can create such a mess and hassle out of… Life! It should be like natural to it. Like THE core competence it has born with, yet in this world this human cannot do Life. It seems like it would be the most hardest and complicated thing ever to simply Live. Quite a mind-fuck has happened in here. Sane creature of Life trusting it’s (and Life’s) origins simply does not find itself from a situation this human and humanity does. In this planet it is as we are living a comedy which might be described as a horror-movie too, yet you know when a horror movie goes through a certain treshold it stops being horrific anymore. It is so unreal that you find yourself just laughing. You laugh on the craziness AND because you are actually happy as you realize the whole play is losing it’s “enchanting horror movie power”! Everyone get tired of bad comedies and unreal + unneeded craziness at some point and simply changes the channel.

Now as this “movie” called “Humans went insane” – which has been playing out on this planet and humanity for a while already – is taking it’s peaks you too may have been given an opportunity to slow down. Seize the opportunity to do some reflection and re-thinking that can enable a change of channel to something else. To something sensible! To something incredible perhaps! Think about for a moment two kinds of human-beings.

The first one we know quite well. The one who have had it’s “mind-fuck” and is now driven by Fear:
– Fear of the Self
– Fear of it’s own Powerlessness (= belief in it’s own Powerlessness)
– Fear of Death
– Fear of Life

The other one is driven by Trust:
– Trust in the Self
– Trust in it’s own Power
– Trust in Death
– Trust in Life

Now be in silence with the following questions:

How does these humans live their Lives? How it treats itself and others? How it treats Life? What kind of a world it creates? Is it Balanced and Healthy? How it reacts or responses to challenges it meets in Life? Of course the inhabitants of this world does not need to stretch their imaginative muscles too much with the first one. Yet take some time and do the stretching with the second one! Do it by taking couple of breaths, clear your mind and center yourself. Now ask the questions with the second human. The one that TRUSTS. Go through the questions and close your eyes for a moment. Let your energy and consciousness, your imagination and emotions to take you to that space. Let it at least give you some clues on WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE? Let yourself drift with these clues to this space before continuing with this blog-post. Give yourself the opportunity and let your energy and consciousness give you tastings of this different kind of Human, Humanity and Earth. Ain’t that like a breath of fresh air! WOW!

Creature coming from a normal, sane place (within) Trusts instead of Fears itself and it’s origins. It Trusts Itself and Life. It knows sickness and Death are vital parts of Life; both vital parts of the genius “maintenance-system” of Health, Balance and Vitality of Life. It knows there is no need to face (Birth, Life, Health,) Sickness or Death with Fear but with Trust, Love and Appreciation. A creature that comes from a place of Trust simply does not Fear LIFE. It Trusts it so it Trusts Sickness and Death too. It knows that if there is a virus that starts to “rage around” it is there to help (and this applies no matter where and how it came along as principles of Life and Reality are always at work in every single situation without an exception). In some cases viruses lead to Death but to Human Trusting Itself and Life that’s ok as it Trusts Death too. This Human also knows that unless it has put itself and Life already in severe imbalance; majority stays alive and ends-up in better shape spiritually, mentally and physically than before the sickness, and if it has put itself and Life already in severe imbalance, the sickness helps to restore the Balance, Vitality and Health of Life anyway. It may mean more Death yes, as the stronger the imbalance is, the stronger the effects of the sickness are so it can bring what it is meant to bring; the Help to Improve / Restore the Balance, Health and Vitality of Life. This Human knows Sickness and Death are VITAL parts of the Infinite Genius of Life. The Truth of course is that this Human is wise enough to take care of it’s own and Life’s Balance, Health and Vitality without the continuous need of the Help of the Sickness, other crisis and Death. Life is already quite simple and enjoyable for this Human in this world!

Now; Leave this scenery behind. Turn a totally clean sheet. Imagine yourself being at the beginning of All time. Be in a space where nothing has ever been yet created! No time or space, no creature including humans, no path of development of any of those creatures. There is no Life, nothing. From this space of infinite no-thingness, all of the infinite possibilities of All-that-could-be are and can emerge. Every single possible creature with all of it’s possible variations. All possible forms of Life and routes of development and evolution of each of those possible forms in all of their possible variations AND combinations of those variations in each possible scenario and their possible play outs… EVERYTHING is possible in this space and YOU can pull out from this INFINITE POOL what ever you can imagine. So let’s pull out together a third kind of Human-being who is driven not just by Trust, but TOTAL Trust:

– Total Trust in the Self
– Total Trust in it’s own Power
– Total Trust in Death
– Total Trust in Life

How does the third Human live it’s Life? Does this Human ever feel threathened? Does it need an army of any kind? Does it panic if it would face sickness, and actually; Does it need sickness at all? Can’t this Human maintain it’s Health, Vitality and Balance without the aid of sickness, armies or any crisis? Does it need even Death anymore? Or does it actually know how to let go, evolve and change form also without the aid of the Death? Is Death now with it’s “twin brother” Birth just natural part of the eternal transformation of energy and consciousness which this creature utilizes and rides through consciously and purposefully without any hassle?

Let your energy and consciousness with the wings of imagination and feeling take you to a TOTALLY NEW kind Human, Humanity and Earth. The question of course is: Would they consider and call themselves even Humans anymore?

“In the school of humanity,
when you become intimate with God,
you reside on the king’s throne
and teach the angels the nature of the Divine.”
– Rumi