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Feb 4 / Sanna Haikonen

In one of my earlier blog-post called “Same simple recipe transforms your Life and also the world to a profoundly satisfying and thriving state” I went through a three-pronged approach that I’ve developed which does exactly that. In this blog-post I am going to go through some of the basics of the very foundational component of that approach, which is also a foundation for a healthy human conditioning and thriving human condition. As we learnt through the previous blog-post the very foundation of our conditioning is always formed by the paradigms and beliefs we hold about the nature of Life and reality, including ourselves, and to really create significant transformation in human-conditioning and through that human-condition we need to change the paradigms and beliefs we hold about the nature of Life and reality and how they function. To make sure these paradigms are offering a foundation for truly a healthy, balanced and thriving state of being, Life and reality we need to align these paradigms with the true nature of Life and reality, including us.

In addition to going through the basics about the true nature of Life and reality and how they function which forms the paradigms about them I am giving you access to a vision of a healthy, balanced and thriving state of being, Life and reality which is a result when we go through this kind of paradigm shift. This vision is created from the point of view of an individual human, collective of humans (humanity) as well as what Life will be like overall on our Earth after this kind of paradigm shift. You’ll find a link with instructions at the end of this blog-post.

Also if you haven’t read the earlier blog-post I already mentioned, I highly recommend you to do that first. I also recommend you to remind yourself of that later on even though you would have read it before, because as we learnt from that; it is repetition and the energy of emotion that roots new information and experience into your brain and subconscious mind. That is quite simply how conditioning is formed.

The basics about the true nature of Life and reality and with that the basic foundations for the new paradigm I am going to divide into 5 parts. They are however all interconnected as Life and natural reality. Do also notice that there is a comprehensive “References and recommendations” document available for you regarding the different findings of science that I am referring to in the same place as the vision of a new, healthy future. Some references or links are however already added to this blog-post.

1. Life and natural reality, the existence itself, All-that-is as some call it, is interconnected alert and alive

This was one of the first things that I realized and was able to profoundly experience when I had my first, enlightenment experience. That everything, all existence is interconnected alert and alive. Everything has a dimension of consciousness within it. Simple as that. A dimension of consciousness and energy as you might also say, and it is through these (inner) networks of consciousness and energy where All is interconnected in the constant co-creative process of existence. Each thought we think, belief we hold, act of imagination we do and emotion we feel are all signals that are constantly affecting this process, not only through the choices and action they drive us to take, but also through direct impacts.

When we look at this through the eyes of what our science has already found, there are a lot of interesting phenomenons that confirm this. One being obviously what I already wrote about in the earlier blog-post about neuro-plasticity and neuro-genesis. Additionally we also already know that each thought we think has immediate effects within our physical bodies. They are signals that affect what kind of chemicals and hormones are released within our bodies and there is also research that shows that through the power of mind and emotion we are also able to affect what genes are turned on or off. So basically we are able to significantly enhance or hamper not only our mental and emotional health through the beliefs, ideas and stories we choose to plant and nurture in our own minds together with their respective emotional atmosphere, but we are continuously doing that also to our physical health. This happens of course a lot through the medium of choices, habits and action that different kinds of mental and emotional patterns drive us to take, but also through direct impacts as the intelligence of our body responds to these signals that our mental and emotional patterns are. 

When it comes to having direct impact through your own consciousness and energy how the Life and reality you experience unfolds, not only within your physical body but also outside of it, quantum physics has of course found a lot of interesting phenomena that clearly indicate this too. The most famous experiment being the double slit experiment. Through this experiment they found what they call “observer effect” which means that photons take either their wave or particle form depending if they are observed or not. The more let’s say enhanced version of this experiment is when the scientists use what is called delayed choice. Here they are deciding whether or not they are going to observe (i.e. measure) the photon when they are doing this kind of experiment in a delayed manner meaning the photon has passed through “the slit” already which means it has had to take either its wave or particle form already based on the choice that the experimenter makes. What they’ve found out is that it always gives the result according to the choice also in this delayed fashion. Clear indication that there is connection in consciousness and that reality takes form as a response to the signals we are sending. (Learn more about delayed choice experiments from this article at with a heading: “Quantum experiment in space confirms that reality is what you make it”.) 

Now as science has advanced both in the realm of physics all the way to quantum physics, and also in the realm of biology all the way to neuroscience and epigenetics our most advanced, intelligently thinking scientists are already suggesting the obvious: that the “base substance” that forms all existence is conscious, intelligent energy or simply consciousness as already many scientists suggest. Both quite good terms I would say. Some ancient wisdom teachings also talk about “mind” which is also intelligent, responsive and continuously transforming and recreating itself just as our existence, and of course spirit is something that has been used in the genre of these kinds of teachings. Nevertheless our modern science is evolving from impossible idea of some partly random and partly deterministic one-dimensional Universe much closer to the actual nature of Life, reality and existence, when they are realizing that the substance that forms existence is constantly responding to our mental and emotional patterns such as beliefs, thoughts and emotions, as well as choices and action, which are all signals that affect how the realm of physical reality we experience unfolds. Also theories of physics already recognize the possibilities of multiple Universes that exist simultaneously, and that can also interact with each other among other things. So also our modern science and scientists are getting there. Once we / they realize that everything happens within consciousness this becomes of course absolutely clear.

2. Each unique part of the natural whole has their own Life-serving purpose(s) in place

Now this is again perfectly logical and it is true. It is also one of the key components of how Life and natural reality actually works. Within the interconnected genius of all Life and existence each, unique part of the natural whole – including each human – have their own, Life-serving purposes in place which are naturally guided from within. They are also desirable and fulfilling for these individual parts of the natural whole. This is true on every level and dimension of Life and reality, no matter if we are talking about each unique cell expressing their true nature and through that together composing a fully functional human body or some other creature. The same is true also about those unique natural creatures and Life-forms of our beautiful planet ensuring the ecosystem and Life of our planet functions as perfectly as it does. Same is also true when we are talking about atoms and molecules or stars and planets. They too are each in their own unique place, doing their own unique thing, and through that enabling the whole Universe or Multiverse to function as perfectly as it does.

When we look at this from a human perspective this means that our natural and healthy inner stirrings, desires, purposes and passions as well as natural gifts, talents and characteristics are something that we are born to follow and utilize and serve Life through them. By expressing our true nature in healthy ways we are able to experience fulfillment, happiness, growth, love, acceptance as well as quality, vitality and joy of our own being and Life. This same is of course true for all creatures and elements of our natural reality. The very simple truth of Life and natural reality is that when the unique parts of the natural whole are expressing their true nature and potential in healthy ways and overall they are healthy, balanced and thriving, then also the whole is able to keep its health, balance and vitality intact and thrive. It is incredibly intelligent win-win logic through which Life and natural reality operates.

3. Existence - that you are integrated part of - is eternal process of constant transformation and re-creation

Within the realm of science, the thought of human-being has advanced in a way that we started from the assumption (i.e. belief) of a one-dimensional material Universe that is governed by certain laws that we were able to deduct through observing our external reality, which in our experience formed by our five senses indeed seem physical and solid, and also very much separated from each other. Humans are solid, material humans separated from each other and always the same humans. Rocks are solid rocks also separate from one another, us included and so forth. We can’t see with our eyes the fact that our bodies are constantly circulating Earth and the Universe or the Multiverse - as the whole of existence is constantly - circulating and transforming existence. We obviously can’t also see with our eyes other quantum phenomena like what has been found through the double slit experiment, where the “particles” that form our existence take their particle form only when observed OR that in yet smaller quantum form so called “virtual particles” or “quantum foam” pops in and out of this realm of existence continuously. 

Within this assumption and belief of material one-dimensional Universe, the realm of consciousness, mind, emotions and overall beingness of Life are just tossed aside and assumed to be some peculiar phenomenons that have been accidentally formed in the partly random and partly deterministic “wheel of fortune” of the Universe. Within this line of thought our inner realm doesn’t really have any interface to directly interact with the substance - in this case matter - that forms it. Matter just somehow magically and accidentally forms the whole inner realm but no two-way-interaction and with that effects from inner realm to the realm of matter happen. Not to mention that it would actually be consciousness that forms matter and not the other way around. Any kind of topics of beingness of Life, consciousness, mind, emotion and spirit are simply ruled out from the “real world of the unconscious and dead matter” and handled separately in boxes of psychology, philosophy or religion.

Next our scientists started to realize that actually, the most founding substance of all existence isn’t actually particles of matter but energy. Even though we took the step closer to the actual nature of Life and reality and how they function, we still didn’t realize that the substance that forms existence actually has consciousness and intelligence within it. Yet we did realize that energy is something that can never be created or destroyed, it is just continuously changing form (Law of conservation of energy). Now I haven’t ever heard or read any scientists saying this, but what this actually means is according to the true nature of existence which is; eternal. There isn’t really any one, actual and absolute starting point of existence and there will never be any real and absolute ending. Continuous transformation and re-creation yes, but no absolute starting or ending. Never has been, never will be.

Now as science has advanced both in the realm of physics all the way to quantum physics, and also in the realm of biology all the way to neuroscience and epigenetics so far that we are ready to realize the obvious about the true nature of Life, reality and existence: that the “base substance” that forms all existence including us is conscious, intelligent energy or simply consciousness, and that we already know also through science that we are all part of the same, eternally and extremely intelligently and beautifully transforming and circulating existence that in the midst of all this is able to pop in and out of this realm of existence, we can also realize that each of our own existence beyond the realm of physical senses is eternal. 

4. We create / co-create our own state of being, Life and reality

We create our own state of being, Life and existence through the patterns of our own consciousness and energy. Simple as that. Looking at this more from the perspective on this realm of existence and experience as human-beings in this world it means what was already handled in the earlier blog-post and what I also go through in a brief video that you can find behind this link. Humans are driven by their inner realm. In practice this means their inner mental and emotional patterns that very much come from their conditioning which is also known as programming of their subconscious mind. The most founding component for human-conditioning or programming come from their paradigms and beliefs about the nature of Life and reality, and from there other beliefs, ideologies, thought-models and systems are born.

So the creation of our state of being, Life and reality happening through our mental and emotional realm with its different patterns happen obviously through choices, habits and action that they drive us to take, and obviously then what kind of relationships, families, communities, societies, systems and cultures we form under their direction that then strengthens the conditioning or programming of our minds and brains. This then keeps the spiral of creation happening under the guidance of these paradigms and belief-systems from one generation to the other. So this is one dimension of this and somewhat also clear for anyone who is looking at Life and reality from what I call the old paradigms and beliefs of this world, that were handled in the earlier blog-post. 

Yet in truth there are additional dimensions to this as now we know that each thought we think and emotion we feel is a signal that affects how Life and reality is formed in our experience. The intelligence of our bodies responds to these immediately and so does the interconnected intelligent energy and consciousness of existence “outside” our bodies. We are constantly creating the reality we experience in a co-creative process with the intelligent energy and consciousness of All-that-is. 

However this goes of course further. The point of focus in consciousness with its experience, that experience themselves as you or I as certain human-beings and personalities is only a “tip of the eye-berg”. Eye symbolizing here that conscious point in consciousness. In addition to that there are the parts of our consciousness and being that are from this point of view more or less unconscious to us, however they are real. I already told you how also from the perspective of science and the quantum model of reality recognize and “allow” multiple simultaneous Universes that can interact and affect each other. They are also talking about the quantum field which is a transcendent realm that combines and directs all existence and they are also talking about this quantum field or transcendent realm being a field of infinite potential. So all probabilities or potentials (“potentia”) already exist there. 

What does this mean in practice? There are other yous as we speak in different dimensions of existence. There are other yous in parallel realities living your current Life only in slightly different vantage points. These experiences and realities can be merged with one another and once again divided continuously. Then there are other dimensions of your consciousness and being living in different kinds of futures and in different kinds of pasts including past existences and future existences. So an existence of you from our perspective 500 years ago. An existence of you from our perspective 500 years from now. All happening simultaneously. All constantly interacting with each other and also constantly transforming and being recreated. Time and space as we experience them are formed through our own neurological structure. They are not actually that. Simple as that.

What this means in practice is that from our current perspective a potential state of being, Life and reality of humans, humanity and Earth where all Life is free, healthy, happy, blooming and thriving already exists. It means that from your current perspective a potential state of being, Life and reality where you are living your absolute best Life already exists. All possibilities already exist as we speak. There are other points in consciousness and experience that are already there. Already there exists from your perspective a potential future state of being, Life and reality, where you are living your absolute best Life that is so different from your current one that it would “blow your mind” into where you got from this exact moment. You read this blog-post, then perhaps went and accessed the additional free material linked at the end of this blog-post, and then you started to make shifts within your inner realm and you started to take concrete action to get there, to create that as your state of being, Life and reality and then you did it. This reality already exists, and it is only up to you if you’ll bring it to your experience in a point of consciousness that you experience as the real you.

The same thing is true on a larger scale. There is already a state of being, Life and reality of humans, humanity and Earth where all Life is free, healthy, happy, blooming and thriving, and it is only up to you, if you start navigating your way there. It is only up to you if you as your current self here become part of the conscious and purposeful creation and co-creation process of that already existing reality. It exists already despite your choice and there are versions of you that make that choice and get there and there are versions of you that don’t. In the field of infinite and eternal possibility you are free to choose and get where you’ll get in your point of experience based on your own choices. And then you’ll make new choices and the eternal re-creation and transformation process continues. However you are the one who is constantly creating and re-creating your state of being, Life and reality in your experience.

Our true, vast, inner being and consciousness is there of course underneath the surface always guiding us and participating in this co-creative process from its great vantage point. It actually knows who and what it is and why it has been born here and so forth. This presence and dimension of our own consciousness and being is always there and that is at the end of the day our true self and identity. This dimension of our being and consciousness is always there experiencing our Life with us and through us even when we might be caught up in the dramas of this world including our own limiting belief- and thought patterns of all kinds. However when we do realize this deeper, vaster, eternal, All-loving and knowing dimension of our own consciousness and being we can obviously tune in and sense its presence, guidance, love, wisdom, intelligence, joy, creativity, authority and power in different situations and not only that. Once we really evolve and develop in our path we become its conscious and full embodiments as human-beings. Earth-gods and goddesses as one might say, I call them New Humans.

5. The most founding intelligence of All existence is LOVE

Let’s start this by talking to that part of you that really understands and speaks the language of this most founding intelligence of All existence; your heart. The part of you which is already beating perfectly way before your brain is in any way properly developed. To this Life-pumping power-house within you it is easy to connect with the truths of Life. It is also easy to connect with other hearts and it is easy to connect with Life. Of course the level of easiness at this moment depends on how much of unhealed heart-break and trauma there is currently within you. How much limiting, painful and fearful belief-patterns there are rooted in you that keeps your heart more closed which is seen as more narrow and simultaneously closed of magnetic field around your heart when comparing to open, confident and love-filled heart. However it still is your heart that is the most magnetic and powerful organ within you that speaks this language and connects with other hearts. It connects most potently with the magnetic fields of all existence bringing its own energetic charge and antenna of Life there.

As you let go of your regular line of thought and just look at nature with its beauty and perfection you feel it in your heart. You feel your connection to nature in your heart as you experience it within your being. You may become even overwhelmed by the love, beauty and perfection of existence when you really sense it. When you really experience the presence of Life in yourself, in another being and in the whole nature it becomes obvious that this presence is just pure LOVE. This is obvious immediately as you just let go of any fearful, Life- and truth-sabotaging thought patterns and beliefs and just experience your being purely. It is pure loving and ecstatic light when you get in touch with the essence of you, the essence of Life. 

You see this light shining from the eyes of a child when they are filled with joy and wonder of Life. You see this same light not only in the eyes of a child, but you see it in the eyes of the elderly too. You see this same light in your own eyes. In the eyes of every human. Every creature. You sense this presence and light of Life everywhere in nature. You feel it in your heart. When you look at that joyful child or any other human-being or an animal for example with their twinkling eyes, you sense warmth in your heart. It is LOVE that you experience. It is also peace. Joy. Inspiration. Ecstasy. Gratefulness. In those moments you just know that EVERYTHING is okay. You know Life is perfect. You know existence is perfect. It is a perfect beauty that operates perfectly. You just know it is all based on nothing but LOVE.

When we look at the true nature of Life and reality and how they function through the eyes of what you have learnt here so far about the true nature of Life and reality, it is also easy to spot this element. There is Infinite, eternal consciousness, intelligence and energy giving us Life out of itself. What we are at our core is exactly that. Our inner being is eternal. Our consciousness is part of the consciousness of all existence and it is eternal. Our energy is the energy of all existence and it is eternal. Then if we look at your beautiful, precious and incredible human-self with its Life here and now it is something truly remarkable. Uniquely tailored part of the natural whole with its own gifts, characteristics, inner desires and purposes. Also with its own challenges. All tailored to serve Life and existence. Your own and of the whole. 

In the midst of all this, we are blessed with infinite opportunities to realize, appreciate and cherish who and what we are, and to learn to utilize our natural gifts of consciousness, energy and action in ways that we can truly become conscious co-creator within this eternal dance of creation. We as what are at core are able to experience an infinite number of Lives and forms of existences. It is not like you make one mistake and the game is over. It is not like you make nothing but mistakes in hundreds of lives and the game is over. The game is never over. And this is true for everyone and everything. No matter who and what we are, where we are and what we have done or haven't done, all this is still true. No matter what kind of belief-systems you might have planted in your mind that says you are only this finite form and you go to hell after one Life if you don’t behave. No matter if you believed yourself to be just a finite random sack of matter that gets perished after one Life. No matter what kind of disconnection you create in your mind and action from your true nature you can never be separated nor excluded from that which you truly are. The existence itself in action. You are infinite and eternal divinity. You are LOVE. That is your true nature and essence and you can’t change that no matter how hard you try. And THIS IS what they call unconditional, divine LOVE. It is the most founding, underlying intelligence of All existence and creation.

When we get to the level of the natural reality with its phenomenoms on this level of reality, no matter if we are looking at how Life and nature by nature work, or if we look at the findings of science, it is also easy to spot that the most founding intelligence of this constant co-creative process of existence is LOVE. So it is not just something that you can connect through your heart space when you read poetic words or sit in nature or connect with another human being. It is also something that can be easily spotted through our pure intellect. 

Let’s look at the basic principles of Life. There is feminine and masculine. There is minus and plus. There is magnetic LOVE and attraction between these two principles and from their union Life and existence is born.

These Mother and Father principles of All Life and existence with the electro-magnetic reality they create are always present and needed to form anything. They are always present in everyone and in everything including every no-thing. These principles and the magnetic LOVE and attraction between their matches, or then the repelling with their mismatch is what keeps All creation and existence constantly happening. This is what keeps stars, planets, moons and subatomic particles spinning. This intelligent electro-magnetic reality underneath is what makes flowers attract bees and females attract males and other way around. It is also what makes the information within beliefs, ideas, thoughts and emotional states attracting their matches, while repelling their mismatches within the great scheme of creation and through this our mental and emotional patterns form their kinds of manifestations in our experienced realities in different kinds of ways. Also the repelling, the magnetic push to move away and not to unite and otherwise invest your attention and energy to something which is not your match, or is not your match anymore as inner patterns and their energetic charges have changed, is crucial part of this genius. This is true on every level and dimension of reality.

Let’s take an example that you have a belief that you are unworthy of love. This belief makes ideas, choices and action attractive to you that are matched with it and repels the ones that contradict that. Even if you are presented with opportunities to be loved and cherished by someone you end up pushing them away or moving yourself away from them. Then you might go and feel super attracted to someone who talks you down and treats you poorly. So even underneath such unloving experience for you personally there is this love-union of Mother and Father principles of Life and existence on-going. Your beliefs and the energetic signals you emit through them are finding their perfect matches to join and create Life and experience according to those patterns. What is also true is that you are in every moment given the opportunity to realize this and your own powers of creation so you can start making shifts that are aligned with your true nature. That too is a gift based on nothing but LOVE. In this way you can really learn to utilize your powers and become a conscious, purposeful and masterful creator and co-creator of Life and reality. 

And so it is that when you’ve had it, and you start to change this totally faulty belief of you being unworthy of love, your experience starts to change. You start to form a new belief that is aligned with your true nature that says the obvious: I AM WORTHY OF LOVE. I AM WORTHY OF RESPECT. As this happens these new beliefs start to attract and give birth to a whole new set of thoughts, ideas and through that choices and action. You start to prioritize yourself and your happiness and well-being. You start to set up boundaries and communicate your needs. What happens is that if the relationship that you have doesn’t transform, or the person that you are in relationship with doesn’t transform with you, the relationship ends. Then at some point you’ll attract a new relationship that is a match with your new state of consciousness and energy. The way it goes is that once the patterns within your consciousness and energy shift so will shift the reality you experience because now you attract and repel totally differently. It is that simple, yet so sophisticated and beautiful physics of Life and creation based on nothing but LOVE. We are constantly emitting information which constantly affects how the Life and reality we experience takes form. This happens just as automatically as we breathe. We are constantly creating our own state of being, Life and reality like this, in a loving guidance of our inner being from its vaster vantage point.

The love-union between these Mother and Father principles of All existence and creation, so the attraction between them as well as the repelling between their mismatch is eternal. You can’t destroy this founding intelligence of Life, creation and existence. You can’t destroy this LOVE. Just like You can’t destroy energy. The change and transformation of energy, the constant re-creation of Life and existence is eternal. It is an eternal, divine, ecstatic love story of Mother and Father principles of All existence with nothing but divine, unconditional, most potent LOVE in their hearts for their divine children in all of their forms.

A vision of a free, healthy, balanced and thriving future

To access the vision of a healthy, balanced and thriving state of being, Life and reality which is a result when we go through this kind of paradigm shift you can follow this link and register yourself to get access to the free gift called “A vision of New Earth”. There you’ll get access to what I actually call seed visions of New Human, New Humanity and New Earth and you can access that vision both in written and audio-formats. It is recommended to read the pdf and/or listen to the audios initially at least 21-30 days in a row. The power of repetition roots them better into your subconscious mind as well as in your brain as you have learnt through the earlier blog-post. There is also meditative music in the background that helps you to enter brain waves where this also happens more easily. Then it is also recommended to come back to reading and listening to this vision from time to time also in the future to refresh your memory and strengthen their rooting within you. All this being part of re-programming / reconditioning of your sub-conscious mind. This also helps you to keep your focus clear as well as gain new insights, guidance and creativity for you. All part of the conscious and purposeful creation and co-creation process of your state of being, Life and reality.

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Writer, Sanna Haikonen, CEO & founder of Realitybend

Sanna is a well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate a truly meaningful change and transformation program that is also Realitybend’s mission; To help and enable people to create free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for themselves and through that participate in co-creating such future ultimately to our whole humanity and Earth.

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