5 key factors to successfully create change and transformation

Nov 24 / Sanna Haikonen
With a strong track record of implementing change and transformation and with that new solutions and new kind of future states, both within a corporate world as well as within my own personal Life, and now through the education and soon also as coaching services we offer at Realitybend; I wanted to make the very first blog-post of Realitybend about some key factors to successfully create change and transformation. These key factors apply whether or not you are creating change and transformation within your own personal life or within a group, be it within your organisation, family or some other community.

Key factor 1 - The impetus for change

This is the first important factor before the actual change implementation process starts. There is something in the status quo which is not working anymore or optimally you are able to see in advance that without making changes you will end up in a situation that will not work anymore. Naturally we do possess such instinctive and intuitive gifts that allow us to see the need for making shifts well in advance before things start to become really challenging and definitely before we reach a point where ”sh*t hits the fan” so to speak. 

However sometimes you do need to hit the most dysfunctional and darkest rock bottom before you are ready to change. This is especially the case for humans of our current world who are still operating through many of the mainstream paradigms. That certainly was the case for me in my own personal life a bit over 8 years ago.

Key factor 2 - The decision

If you are serious about making a real change and transformation in your life and reality, be it in your personal life or in your organisation or other community; you need to make a real, firm decision to do it. So it is not “a maybe” or “I’ll try” or anything else uncertain and “wishy-washy” if you truly want to create the change successfully. It is a real, firm decision to do it even if you had no idea at the time how you are going to do it and even if it seemed "so far out there" at the time of the decision for you. The how will come to you step by step on its own pace once you first make the real, firm decision to create the change. This is very important to realize.

The content and the energetic charge of your decision initiates the process and starts to drive you and your reality to the direction of that decision. ”Wishy-washy maybe I’ll try” gives that kind of command to your very powerful sub-conscious and then if you "maybe started to try" you’ll probably give up already at the time of the first hurdle that comes your way. And even if you ”maybe tried once more” after that by the second, third or fourth hurdle you are done. You may even come to a conclusion that ”you don’t have what it takes” or ”this is too hard” or even that ”it is impossible” and in worst case you may become bitter or even depressed. However none of such conclusions are true and there is no real need to poison your life with bitterness. You just made a ”wishy-washy” decision because you didn’t know the power that your own decisions hold. 

So when you need to create a change or overall do or create anything; make a clear and firm decision to do it. That makes all the difference. Now any possible hurdles will not make you quit. Instead they become your trusted servants on the way. They’ll help you to realize what you need to realize and they’ll help you to grow where you need to grow. And at the end of the day you’ll end up finding gratitude and love for the challenges that you meet during your journey because you know it wouldn’t have become that good and juicy without them. So take the time you need to make the decision but once you do; make it clear and firm.

Key factor 3 - The intention / future vision

When creating change and transformation you need to have a clear intention and envisioned future state that you are aiming for. This is especially important if and when you are co-creating the transformation with others. A clear intention and future vision ensures you keep taking steps to that direction. When you are on the journey of co-creating that future vision as a manifested reality with others it ensures you are all taking the steps to the same direction. This also helps you on the journey to inspire and motivate you and others, it helps you to keep your focus clear, it helps you to make further choices and decisions and overall it helps you to prioritize your efforts. 

And this is of course true for everyone involved. When you lead your Life through clear intention and future vision and you trust that ”the how” comes to you step by step on its own pace; you’ll surprise yourself on how much creativity, gifts, talents and potential has laid dormant within you, others and Life in general. This is especially important to realize when you are in a leadership position as addition to your own personal life. When there is a clear intention and future vision which is shared with your team and anyone involved in the creation process of that envisioned future, it gives room for everyone and everything to utilize their potential in best possible ways when they are doing their part in the creation process. This includes the whole intelligence of Life overall. Much more lighter, wiser, inspiring, fun and productive way to lead and create than trying to ”micro-manage” everyone and everything through each step!

Key factor 4 – Release of the old

Releasing and leaving behind what doesn’t work – or doesn’t work anymore – is very important factor which can be somewhat challenging during the change process. We tend to hold on what is familiar even though it wouldn’t serve us and sometimes even when it might hurt us. Thus it may be that we find ourselves from those ”really dark rock bottom places” before we find strong enough impetus to create the change, and thus it is also very important to make that clear and strong enough decision to make the change. Thus it is also important to have that clear intention and future vision that you remind yourself often enough. All these help you in the process of releasing the old.

Basically the old self with its paradigms, beliefs, thought-models, emotional atmosphere, habits and actions need to be left behind, and also you need to leave behind what the old self from the old state of being and consciousness has created on the physical that doesn’t serve anymore and contradicts the envisioned new future you are creating.

For example if your envisioned future is something where you are happy and confident and perhaps fit and healthy, and today your self-esteem is low, you are out of shape, you make unhealthy choices and you are quite unhappy; there are plenty of inner and outer patterns that you need to leave behind to reach your envisioned future state. Old simply must go. Even if it once served a purpose.

Key factor 5 – Embrace the new

Just as you need to leave behind the old, you need to embrace new! The new self with its new state of being and life that you are aiming for has found, learned and adopted a whole new set of paradigms, beliefs, thought-models, emotional atmosphere, habits and actions in order for it to embody and create the envisioned future state. This requires curiosity, openness and also some playfulness and courage as well as commitment as you are venturing to a new future state where you haven’t been before. You need to be curious and open to ask questions and be open to new ways and ideas. You need to be playful, courageous and committed enough to be willing to test and implement them in practice, and also playful enough to not take the journey too seriously. There will be challenges and if you are too serious and judgemental you make it way too hard on yourself and others. 

This doesn’t mean of course that you wouldn’t be serious and committed about creating the change you are intending to create! It simply means you do it in more playful, light-hearted and enjoyable way. Basically in more wise and loving way. And we all know we need more of that in our world.
Writer, Sanna Haikonen, CEO & founder of Realitybend

Sanna is well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate a truly meaningful change and transformation program that is also Realitybend’s mission; To help and enable people to create free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for themselves and through that participate in co-creating such future ultimately to our whole humanity and Earth.
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