There is no real energy, food or health crisis

Apr 14 / Sanna Haikonen

Spring is definitely here. Also in the North. The sun is shining powerfully. Snow is melting very rapidly. There are flies and butterflies. Within a month it’ll be all green and luscious. Nature will be in full bloom. It’ll do it also so abundantly that we would never be able to utilize everything that nature has to offer even though we tried. Each and every year there are loads and loads of edible, extremely healthy plants with their roots as well as mushrooms, berries and fruits left out there to rot. We leave food there to rot that would keep us healthy and vibrant. Food that would be our sickness-preventive medicine. The real truth is that any sort of food crisis or health crisis that we face is of our own creation. Nature itself IS offering us everything we need and more to keep us fed, nourished, vibrant and healthy.

The same goes of course with any sort of energy crisis. For heaven’s sake; EVERYTHING IS MADE OUT OF ENERGY. Infinite, eternal energy. It is a simple law of physics that you can never create or destroy energy. Energy is simply just continuously changing form. So there is NO shortage of energy. It simply isn’t possible. The real truth is that any sort of “energy crisis” is simply a creation of men who believe in falsehoods. Who believe in things not worth believing. Like that energy is somehow finite and there is lack of it. Absolute bollocks.

Our atmosphere is filled with energy. “Crazy ass energy”. Frequently it becomes so filled up and pressured that it has to thunder it out with flashes that cut trees and break rocks. If you harnessed even a small fraction of this energy there would NEVER be any shortages on this planet as long as our planet exists.

Also, anyone who has ever stood on the shore of the Ocean must have felt that incredible, humbling power it has when those masses of water move. Then of course there is wind and streams. There is sun. There is sound. There are so many natural sources of energy available for us to use that will NEVER run out. The REAL TRUTH is that there is NO energy crisis in terms of shortage of energy. The only shortage is currently between the ears of humans and also that shortage isn’t real. That shortage too is created through a mental prison created through false beliefs.

Any crisis around any of these areas; energy, food, health OR intelligence, wisdom, creativity, love, care or connection is created by humans who, like I already said; believe in falsehoods. Who close their hearts and limit their minds and lives with beliefs that ARE SIMPLY NOT TRUE. The thing is we create our own state of being, Life and reality through our paradigms and beliefs. This process starts all the way from the paradigms and beliefs we have about the nature of Life and reality including ourselves. Surely people who believe in finity and lack of energy, lack of food, health and so forth create a reality where they experience that even though in the Real Reality it is not true.

Surely people who believe that Life is hard create Life-experience mirroring that belief. People who believe Life is out there to get us instead of giving us everything we need and more are creating such kind of experience of reality for themselves even though it is not really true. Same goes with everything. Every single Life-limiting and sabotaging belief we have will manifest in our own Life-experience and reality even though in the Real Reality it wouldn’t be really true. We create our own state of being, Life and reality through our own paradigms and beliefs. It simply is as simple as that.

How long do you still want to play this game of pretending that “everything is so hard and there is lack, finity and sickness everywhere” based on nothing but false beliefs? Or are you already ready for a paradigm shift?

If you are like me, who really has had it with these kind of “let’s pretend lack” games based on nothing but false paradigms and beliefs about the nature of Life and reality, I invite you to our free course called “A door to New Earth”. It provides a foundation for anyone who is ready to start taking firm steps forward in the evolution (of consciousness) towards the state of being, Life and reality that is based on the true nature of Life and reality with no lack.

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Writer, Sanna Haikonen, CEO & founder of Realitybend

Sanna is a well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate a truly meaningful change and transformation program that is also Realitybend’s mission; To help and enable people to create free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for themselves and through that participate in co-creating such future ultimately to our whole humanity and Earth.

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