Same simple recipe transforms your Life and also the world to profoundly satisfying and thriving state

Dec 23 / Sanna Haikonen

Human-beings are driven by their inner realm. This means their inner mental and emotional patterns that very much come from their conditioning. Additionally this means their inner natural being with its instincts, desires, passions and purposes. However in practice these too are experienced by human beings as inner mental and emotional patterns that go through a filtering of their conditioning. On very rare occasions, like in situations of real life-threatening danger, a natural instinct can bypass or override a person’s conditioning and on those rare occasions they may act on pure natural instinct. However we can say that the state of being, Life and reality of humans is either directly produced or then at least heavily influenced by their conditioning. So conditioning or mental and emotional programming plays a huge part in a state of being, Life and reality of human-beings as individuals as well as a collective. 

What forms conditioning?

It is simple. Any experience we have or any piece of information we receive and focus on takes roots within our brains. Whenever we receive or focus on some new information or we experience something new there are new neurological connections created within our brains immediately. So information and also experience translates into mental and emotional patterns that form neurological connections within our bodies. This phenomenon is also known as neuroplasticity and together with neurogenesis this basically means that there are new neurons produced and new kinds of neurological connections created within us continuously. Our brains get enriched through each experience we have and through each learning process we go through. So our neurological structure, the neurological connections within us including our conditioning are very flexible and they change through-out our lives according to the information and experiences we expose ourselves to.

In our childhood and especially early childhood this process is of course on turbo-boost. Creation of new neurons and neurological connections happens super-rapidly as a child's growth and development is happening super-rapidly too. As addition that, child’s brain waves are at their early years in what could be called “constant hypnosis” or “download mode” where children learn, adopt and embody information and experience super-easily simply through existing in an environment. They learn the language and the basic conditioning that of course is supposed to play in their favor in order for them to survive and preferably thrive in their environment. Because children are in this kind of totally open "download" or "programming" mode it makes of course a big difference in what kind of environment they grow in. Is there genuine love, care, connection, encouragement, wisdom and stability? Or is there instability, neglect and verbal diminishment, or even chaos, abandonment and perhaps also serious verbal or even physical abuse? It might be some sort of mixture of all or some of these. Whatever it is, it makes a big difference how they turn out. 

However, no matter what the conditions were when you grew up there is no genuinely life-serving reason to victimize yourself. Knowing that the neuroplasticity and neurogenesis work through-out our lives and knowing how to utilize this knowledge in practice we are able to consciously and purposefully manage and re-organise our neurons and transform ourselves and our lives into something so remarkably different that we couldn’t have even imagined it could ever be possible at first. Not when we were looking at ourselves, our lives and also our whole reality and world through the lenses of our old mental and emotional programming. But then of course through the new lenses it’s a whole new story. Then it has become who and what you are. The new you and your new state of being and Life and you know it will just keep getting better because now you know how to do it. How to consciously and purposefully transform, maintain and develop your state of consciousness, being and Life.

Before going more into details to this “how to” part, let’s discuss another, incredibly important, foundational component of what forms the conditioning. What lies there at the very root of that? This is of course very important to realize if you want to make real, long-lasting changes, both in your own personal Life and also in the world.

Foundation of our conditioning

The very foundation of our conditioning always comes from the paradigms and beliefs we hold about the nature of Life and reality, including ourselves. Before the birth and development of science, religion formed the foundation of human conditioning in our current world and society. In western society Bible, together with the interpretations of those tales, explained to us the origins of Life, the nature of the creative intelligence behind it, the nature of human-beings and also basic instructions, rules and moral values on how to behave, how to create and live your life and form your communities and societies. Still today the basic foundation of our western society and conditioning follows the basic ideas and logic of Christianity although scientific paradigms and beliefs about the origins of Life and nature, and what is behind all Life and how Life functions and operates have brought their own flavor to this mix.  

When you first condition humans to believe they are sinful and faulty by their nature, that the creative intelligence giving birth to Life and nature is a male-figure, a single-father, who throws his newly born children out from their home - paradise - after the first mistake they made in the eyes of their father don't of course create the most healthiest starting layer for the foundation of your conditioning. Additionally this story tells to us that the party behind all Life throws all kinds of extra-punishments among his creations including wiping almost all of them out in a great flood, yet still they remained awful and sinful in their fathers eyes. At this point it is told that "God the father" decided to create one good enough human amongst the sinful ones and somewhere at “his only son's peak years” this kind of very violent and sadistic god-figure decided to make a sacrificial killing on him so then he could somehow forgive the other ones their sinfulness… The most twisted cherry on this cake of course is that this fairly sick, brutal and also quite psychopathic behavior of this kind of human-made god figure is taught to be the greatest, most purest, divine love. 

I have touched only some of the extremely unhealthy, quite insane and also very illogical and unintelligent religious teachings here, but the point becomes already clear to anyone who isn't totally blinded by this kind of religious conditioning. Anyone able to see beyond those lenses can realize what a conditioning like this does to human-psyche. I already wrote how it really makes a big difference in what kind of environment you grow up in and what kind of conditioning you receive. If there is genuine love, care, connection, encouragement, wisdom and stability or is there instability, neglect and verbal diminishment, or even chaos, abandonment and perhaps also serious verbal or even physical abuse. Genuine love, care, connection, encouragement, wisdom and stability is of course a recipe for healthy conditioning when everything that comes after that, not at all. 

The fact is that the foundational component of the religious conditioning is filled with all that causes severe trauma and with that mental and emotional instability, even psychotic and/or narcissistic, abusive insanity among other problems in human-psyche including how they relate to each other and all Life and nature in general. It is also a fact that in the name of religions and beliefs like this there has been so much cruelty, murder and destruction of Life through-out the history of men-kind that it is quite overwhelming. And of course the whole setup of violent conquering and using deceit, manipulation or violent power over others and so forth are all rooted in these kinds of beliefs about the nature of Life and reality and how they function, including the nature of humans themselves. The simple fact is that humans think, emote, make choices, behave and ultimately create their individual lives as well as their communities and societies according to their conditioning and at the root of their conditioning are the paradigms and beliefs they hold about the nature of Life and reality. 

Then when it comes to the main scientific theories and beliefs that have dominated human consciousness regarding the nature of Life and reality and how they function, it doesn’t bring any more love, care, connection, encouragement, wisdom, stability or even any sort of rationale, intelligence and logic to the foundations of human-conditioning. What I described earlier about neuroplasticity, neurogenesis or about human brain waves don’t obviously go to the irrational, un-intelligent and illogical science-department, but the main, main-stream scientific theories or rather tales and beliefs definitely do that. They basically say that all existence including all Life and nature where every tiniest detail whether if it is in our inner realm or outer realm of reality continuously functions just perfectly together with infinitely intelligent sophistication is just some big, cosmic, random accident with some deterministic twist.

Again anyone who is able to look at these beliefs with open eyes just through pure logic can immediately realize that such tales are basically just total bs. They have nothing to do with any sort of actually intelligent, logical and coherent thought that should be at the basis of science. These kinds of beliefs have nothing to do with anything like that; they are just top of the head, illogical and also impossible religious beliefs that have nothing to do with the actual, true nature of Life and existence itself. Additionally they too are having very unhealthy effects to human-psyche and conditioning. By declaring all Life and existence as a random accident you take all the meaning, purpose and sacredness out of all Life. Also randomness with some determinism isn’t any more loving, stable and wise force to govern all existence than unpredictable, unstable, violent and vindictive male-figure at heavens. In both cases Life and existence is very frightening and dangerous where everyone is living at the mercy of some totally unpredictable, unwise and unloving force. In both cases what you are by nature is either sinful and faulty, or then just accidental and usually quite faulty. 
Roots of mental and emotional instability, including insanity and any form of unhealthy human-behavior can be traced back to the paradigms and beliefs about the nature of Life and reality that have dominated human consciousness.

The simple recipe to transform your Life and also the world to a new, healthy and thriving state of being

In the simplest of ways to express it is to recondition or reprogram your mind and brain in a way that you start to think thoughts and feel emotions that propels you to make new kinds of choices and to learn and demonstrate new kinds of behavior, habits and action that’ll lead you to adopt, embody and create a new kind of state of being, Life and reality. And it is the same thing no matter if you are talking about just one person or 10, 100, 1000, 100 000 people or the whole human-species. The recipe is always the same. However you want to be very conscious and purposeful of the new program that you wire in. You want to align it with the true nature of Life and reality including your own. In this way it truly can be a healthy and supportive foundation for you and your Life, as well as Life in general. Not the other way around like it pretty much has been in this world up until now.

1. Change the foundation of your conditioning.

The first step in the reconditioning process is of course to change the foundation of (y)our conditioning to align with the true nature of Life and reality and how they function. This means that you learn, adopt and embody a new paradigm about the nature of Life and reality which is aligned with the true nature of Life and reality. It is very important that they align with the true nature of Life and reality as we are beings of Life, part of nature, with our own natural, Life-supporting and Life-giving characteristics, gifts, purposes and passions. Whenever our paradigms and through that our conditioning contradicts our own true nature and nature in general; we are in trouble. Either immediately or at least in the long run. Life and natural reality, the whole of existence is incredible, interconnected genius and it works just breathtakingly perfectly in its true, natural form. Also when you truly change the paradigm to be according to the true nature of Life and reality it forms a foundation for a whole new level of highly evolved, naturally powerful, Life-loving and respecting state of consciousness and being that is so different from the state of consciousness and being of current human, that we can say we are giving birth or evolving into new kind of human.

Ensuring that we are giving birth and going to a direction of a new, healthy and thriving future where we are demonstrating our truest, greatest nature and potential means that as addition to just adopting a new paradigm that forms the foundation for that, we also form, learn and adopt clear enough vision of such kind of future. As we start this kind of reprogramming and reconditioning process it doesn’t happen overnight. The old limiting, sometimes also painful and Life- and you-diminishing programs are still embedded to (y)our psyche through years of repetition and practice and they are trying to continue to drive you according to their models and patterns just like they have up until now. That is of course the purpose of conditioning. When your conditioning is working for you and Life that is of course a very good thing. Then your conditioning protects, supports and cultivates you and Life. 

However when that is not the case with unaligned, unhealthy and not supportive conditioning that we have received within this world it of course works against you and Life. And as you start making shifts your unwanted, unhealthy conditioning tries to keep you on its leash and becomes amplified as you start your transformation process. Current human-conditioning is, as discussed earlier, quite fearful as “you never know what happens in the realm of totally unpredictable and dangerous Life and its governing forces”. So resistance within, produced by the old program may become quite intensely fearful and with that convincing from time to time. Thus it is very important and helpful to have a future vision that you keep repeating to help reprogram your subconscious mind and brain to absorb that as the known, step-by-step unfolding, new, healthy and inspiring normal. 

So it takes clear focus, determination for repetition and practice to replace your old program with a new one and when you are doing that it is important to have a vision of that new, healthy state of being, Life and reality which is the end result of this kind of paradigm shift and reprogramming exercise. Also when you have it in an overall level, so what it’ll be from the point of view of an individual human as well as on a larger scale, so from a point of view of different communities and also eventually the whole of humanity and their world, it puts everything in great perspective and makes it more motivating and inspiring. By our nature we are beings who first of all are integrated part of the larger whole of Life and nature, and our natural, innate desires, purposes and passions are always about bringing true value to Life through our own unique gifts and characteristics and experience great fulfillment and satisfaction through that. Thus when you have internalized a vision of a healthy and thriving future that is not just about you and your Life, it tends to be more motivating and inspiring, and it also opens up great untapped possibilities for you in your Life as you move forward with your transformation. 

2. Learn to know and master who and what you are. 

In our current world humans tend to experience and run their lives on auto-pilot based on their existing conditioning, which is of course continuously amplified through living in a world that is set up accordingly and that is constantly, especially has been lately, in this kind of alarm-mode. It is easy to get carried away with negative emotions and thinking patterns, following choices, behavior and actions that do not really make your Life or Life in general any better. Thus it is important to learn to know and master who you are. 

One important part of this is of course to learn that whole new paradigm about the nature of Life and reality including yourself that is aligned with the true nature of Life and reality including yours. Additionally it is very important to consciously and purposefully wire in new, healthy, you- and Life-supporting beliefs about yourself and Life in general. Information and experience takes roots within our brains through repetition and emotionally intense experiences. So it is important to repeat, repeat and once more repeat and also learn to utilize your emotions for your advantage as you wire in healthy and wanted beliefs about yourself and Life that are truly supportive, freeing, loving, empowering and so forth. As addition to knowing how information and experience take root within you, you also use what we know about brainwaves when you fire and wire in what you want consciously and purposefully. You become the one who decides how to condition yourself.

Another part of this is to learn how to free and heal yourself from patterns that are rooted into you currently, but are not aligned with your and Life’s highest good. So if you want to become the most free, healthy, happy, thriving and fulfilled version of yourself any self-diminishing, limiting and fearful beliefs and their matching choices and behaviors got to go. There are different kinds of quite simple exercises, tools and practices that you can use to recognize and gradually free and heal yourself from unwanted and unhealthy patterns. Also here understanding how information and experience takes root and how your brainwaves work and what parts of your psyche are more easily accessible through which brainwaves helps you in here. By learning to access your inner realm and organise/reorganise the patterns of your mind and brain consciously and purposefully you will gradually become a master of your own mind and emotions and through that also habits and action, and you can always maintain and develop your inner landscape to fully support you and your Life, and whatever visions and goals you have. 

Then, when it comes to those visions and goals that you have and overall from where to run and drive your Life in ways that is truly aligned with your own natural inner being and with that your greatest fulfillment and satisfaction where you also bring true value to the world; it is important to learn to connect with the deep, wise and powerful inner being of yours beyond any conditioning. To really connect with your purest heart and soul. That is where lies the kind of wisdom, peace, love, creativity, gifts, talents as well as natural desires, purposes and passions, that they are what you want to align your own state of being and your Life’s vision and goals with. Through learning the new paradigms about the true nature of Life and reality this will become easier, however it of course takes again some practice to learn to turn your focus within, relax and let go of the grip of your regular line of thought and emotion and to connect with what we might also call the eternal within you. However this too becomes easier through practice. Also recognizing your true natural needs, desires, interests, passions and purposes isn’t at all that complicated and can be fairly easily realized through quite simple self-awareness exercises and practices. 

3. Envision and create your own personal Life from this new state of being and consciousness. 

As it is important to have and overall vision for free, healthy, thriving and satisfying future for individual humans as well as their communities and ultimately humanity and their world in general that is aligned with the true nature of Life and reality, it is important to to have a clear future vision for your own personal Life too. This vision is to be aligned with your true natural desires and needs, as well as passions, purposes and overall Life’s calling through which you can serve Life, experience deep fulfillment and also make a great living out of it. As you define that and remind yourself daily about that, and also reprogram your mental and emotional space as well as your habits and actions to support that, you will step by step create that as a manifested reality for you. Also as you go forward on this path you learn and grow which means your potential expands. You’ll discover new desires and passions through which you can experience greater fulfillment and serve Life in ways that you may have never imagined being possible before. 

Wouldn't it be worth it?

I invite you now to stop for a moment and really think and imagine what it would be like if you stepped into this kind of profound transformation process and started to consciously and purposefully transform, lead, create and live your Life like this?
Where would you be in 3 months? 
6 months? 
In a year? 
How about 5 years from now? 
What about 10 years? 
Where would you be if you started to recondition yourself to become the best version of yourself according to your true nature and highest potential and created a Life of fulfilling service and prosperity through that. Wouldn’t it be worth it?

Then, do the same exercise from a point of view if you continued on a path that you are now on. If you made no major changes and just continued with your Life "normally" i.e. what is currently normal to you, where do you see yourself in 3 months? 
6 months? 
Where will you be in a year? 
How about 5 years from now? 
10 years?

Which path calls you more? Which would be more rewarding? Which one would be the path where you wouldn't have any regrets when your time here is up? 

Want to learn more?

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Writer, Sanna Haikonen, CEO & founder of Realitybend

Sanna is a well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate a truly meaningful change and transformation program that is also Realitybend’s mission; To help and enable people to create free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for themselves and through that participate in co-creating such future ultimately to our whole humanity and Earth.
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