Tired of the status quo? Follow these 3 simple and practical steps to start making significant, long-lasting changes in your Life TODAY

Jan 20 / Sanna Haikonen

We humans often feel the desire for change within us a long time before we actually start taking actual steps towards making concrete changes in our Lives. One of the biggest obstacles standing in our way might be that we don’t really know where to start and that might prevent us from doing anything about it. If you are currently feeling stuck and are yearning for some support, here we have collected three simple and practical steps for getting you started in your process towards significant, long-lasting changes that you can make even today. This article contains just a few practical tips and if you want to dig deeper, do read our previous blog post here.

1. Recognise that who you think you are and who you are, aren’t the same thing

Your thoughts and thinking-patterns together with your emotional atmosphere and emotional reaction patterns, your habits, behaviour-patterns, choices and actions are something that forms your state of being, as well as your Life and reality. What practically drives this process is your very powerful subconscious mind with its current setup and organization of beliefs (and neurons that reflect them). One might call this layer as a basic operating system with all kinds of different, automated programs that are activated through different kinds of situations and triggers, that then drive you and your Life on automation.

People often think and believe that the conditioned program that has formed their current state of being - often pretty much on automation without much conscious awareness of that on their part - is the same thing as who they actually are. It isn’t. It is very much a conditioned program with its different kinds of manifestations instead. It’s a subconscious conditioning that drives your state of being, Life and reality. There are deeper layers of you beyond any conditioning that COULD experience Life through any kind of setup. The setup could be something that really enables, supports and cultivates you to become the most thriving, Life-giving/serving, fulfilled and satisfied manifestation of your true, natural self with its incredible potential. But it can also be something that does everything in its power to diminish and sabotage that, as well as it can be something in between.

The deeper layers of you, your natural inner being with its natural, absolutely AMAZING Life-giving/serving potential, together with the beingness of Life overall are something that comes as given. These layers are something that you can’t go and change. Your capabilities to utilize your potential and with that in a way your potential too expands, however I'm sure you’ll get my point these layers being something that are in a way “out of your control”. The conditioned program layer and everything else that follows that which creates your state of being, Life and reality is on the other hand something that you CAN change. You can change it so significantly that in a way it may seem that you become someone totally new. Of course the real you deep within with its incredible potential has been there all along and still is. However now you have consciously and purposefully reorganized your conditioned program of automation in a way that the real you with its true potential can really manifest in Life-giving/serving, thriving and satisfying ways.

2. Draft your dream

Once you have realized that your current state of being, Life and reality is only one possible manifested state of being, Life and reality of your of pretty infinite potential actually, it is time to sit down and start having little dialogue with yourself. Ask yourself those big questions like:

  • Who am I? Who am I really beyond any learnt conditioning?
  • Why am I here?
  • What do I really want?
  • How would I describe now in this moment my ultimate dream state of being, Life and reality?
  • How would I feel? How would I act? How would my health be like? What kind of relationships would I have? How would they look like? How would my wealth be like? How would I make my living? What would be the purpose of it instead of just making your living? What would I want to give and how would I do that, and what would I want to get in return? What kind of impact would I want to make before my time is up?

With all these questions you can also dive deeper into self-exploration if you are up for it. You can ask yourself; Why do I think that? Why do I think I want that? Is that really what I want, or just something I think I want out of my existing belief-patterns and conditioning? If everything is possible, would this really be it?
Out of this self-exploration process, do draft a dream-Life description for yourself. Create a vision for your Life. Put it in writing. Add some pictures. Make it as vivid, inspiring and attractive as possible for you. Then, make a new habit for yourself: start going through your vision at first on a daily basis. As you do that for a moment, do your best of imagining what it would be like if that was already a reality. Feel those feelings. Have those conversations. Do those things in your imagination. Know also that what you are doing is firing and wiring that into your subconscious mind. The part of you that really drives you.

3. Recognize what is currently standing in your way

Part of your new, inner dialogue process through which you end up drafting your dream and vision for your future, is asking yourself also these questions:

What is currently standing in my way of living this dream Life of mine?
  • What beliefs?
  • What thought-models?
  • What emotional reaction patterns?
  • What choices?
  • What behaviours?
  • What habits?

As you do this, remember that all of these are in your power to change and one of the first, important steps in doing that is first recognizing them, not in any mean and judgemental way, but in a way that you become aware of them so you can also change them. This is also an exercise that you don’t always have to do in writing, but do it as you go on with your day. You may also do this in a reflective mode afterwards. However, do become an observer of yourself. Observe your thoughts, emotions, choices, habits and behaviours. As you do this, remember that they are not who you are. They are manifestations of a conditioned program that is currently running your Life and you CAN change that. You can wire in a whole new kind of setup that fully supports you, your Life and Life in general. You can wire in the kind of setup that the version of you who is living their dream Life has adopted and embodied.

But that is something to be handled in more detail in some other blog-post. You can also check this one I already mentioned before for more insights on that. Additionally if you want to put a big gear on with transforming your whole state of being and Life to a whole new state and dimension check out our “Become New Human Premium Coaching Program”. The main takeaway of this blog-post for you is that with these three, simple and practical steps you are already well on your way towards significant, long-lasting changes in your Life and with them you can start already today! 
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Writer, Sanna Haikonen, CEO & founder of Realitybend

Sanna is a well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate a truly meaningful change and transformation program that is also Realitybend’s mission; To help and enable people to create free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for themselves and through that participate in co-creating such future ultimately to our whole humanity and Earth.
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