Men and women! Trust your feminine intuition. Trust your own natural flow.

Mar 20 / Sanna Haikonen

And YES. I say FEMININE intuition on purpose! Intuition is a characteristic of a feminine principle of Life although it is found both in men and women. It is the ability to tune into the realm of intuition and new creativity. It is the focus of the feminine being more passive in the outside world while tuning into the womb of Life, existence and creation. Trusting your own natural flow marries then the two principles of Life and existence - feminine and masculine - beautifully together. It is a masculine principle of Life or the masculine energy that bursts out into action. However, Life shouldn’t be a constant outward focus and action. It burns us and Life out.

For so long we have lived in a world and belief-frameworks where the feminine principle of Life and the characteristics connected to that have been (to say the least) unappreciated and considered to be something unreliable, fluffy and overall connected to all sorts of demeaning words and attitudes. We are overly focused on the material realm of reality, in constant "do, act, plan, control" mode. Burning out ourselves, others and the nature of our planet. This is a fear-reaction of a creature that doesn't trust itself or the nature of Life and existence that it is a part of.

Feminine principle of Life is the “passive one”. The minus whose focus is inward. It is anything but passive really although it is more passive in the outside realm as its focus is inward. This principle represents characteristics such as intuition and creativity. Being passive in the outside world while tuning in and accessing realms of deep wisdom, intuition and creativity. It is, like said already, the womb of Life, creation and existence. The womb of the subconscious or unconscious where you can plant seeds of ideas and information that then burst out as new creativity and creation later on.

Masculine principle of Life is the “active one”. The plus whose focus is outward. It isn’t also absent or passive in the inner realms of reality. It is the masculine energy that then bursts out as a creative force from the feminine womb of Life and creation when the creation is ripe and ready. When it really is a time to burst out and take action. As masculine principle bursts out it also constantly plants more seeds to the womb of the subconscious or unconscious. It is the masculine that gives the seed to the feminine that turns it into a new creation to burst out.

When intuition, instinct and creativity are more attached to the feminine principle, to the masculine principle are attached characteristics such as logic and structure. You need that when you are creating forms and taking action in this outside reality. However if you are overly focused on this outside realm of reality, thinking that it is all there is and using only your intellect and logic while trying to make sense of it, creating structures and living your Life… you are not connected to the realms where everything is first created - in a beautiful union of feminine and masculine - before they burst out when they are ready to do that.

When you are operating like this you are not able to tap into and TRUST the realms of creativity, wisdom, knowledge and genius that are available for us within the infinite realms of creation within. The womb of Life where everything is loved and nurtured into existence before they are ready to burst out. You are also then over-analysing and overthinking things. You are taking way too much action. Hustling around and controlling things because you are afraid that without all this things will fall apart or are not taking form as you have thought they should. In this process you burnout not only yourself but others. And this includes the whole nature of our planet.

No natural entity, be it a human-being or a planet, is renewing itself and baring new fruits to the correct ripeness and readiness like this. No natural entity, be it human-being or planet, is able to decompose what has been already dismissed and then be 110% ready to put out new creation with a schedule that is formed by overactive and fearful, outward focused mind looking at some artificial calendar instead of the natural, more than trustworthy flow of Life, creation and existence.

This exhausts us. This exhausts our planet. This takes all the joy and vitality of Life out of us. This is not how Life and nature by nature work. This is the craziness and insanity of a creature that has lost its connection with its true nature. This is the craziness and insanity of a creature that is fearful and who doesn’t trust its own true nature or the nature of Life and existence in general. A creature that fears it is just tossed out to the material realm of reality at the mercy of outside forces beyond its own realm of influence.

This is what has happened to humans in this world despite their gender. We don’t trust our own true nature or the nature of Life and reality. How could we, when we have totally disconnected ourselves from our feminine intuition and wisdom, the womb of Life? Disconnected from our deep inner realms, from where Life and creation actually burst out into existence through incredibly intelligent - and YES: trustworthy - natural flow. This incredibly intelligent and trustworthy natural flow - through the union of the two opposite principles of Life - is of course what makes Life and whole existence such an incredible masterpiece that it is by nature. But how could we trust that when we have programmed our minds with such beliefs that we have in this world? Beliefs that are the most fear-inducing, traumatizing and also very far from the true nature of Life and reality. (If you’d like to read more about these beliefs, check out this blog-post with a heading “Same simple recipe transforms your Life and also the world to a profoundly satisfying and thriving state”.)

When we get rid of all the false beliefs and assumptions about the nature of Life and reality (including our own) that has dominated human-consciousness within this world, and align them with the true nature of Life and reality, we can become whole. We will find a balanced love union within and without between the two opposite principles of Life and existence that constantly create and maintain Life and existence. These principles are the feminine and masculine. Minus and plus. Mother and father. From a state of a beautiful marriage or union within, you are trusting Life and yourself enough to be more in a passive and also Life-rejuvenating and nurturing feminine state. Being present and tuned in as they say. Then you take action according to your natural flow of energy. According to your intuition and inspiration. This is when the burst of masculine energy will come and take action in a way that doesn't burn you or others out. Now both principles of Life and existence, Mother and Father, are creating, maintaining and taking care of Life as they are supposed to. And everything will function just as brilliantly and perfectly as everything in Life, nature and existence by nature function also in the Life of humans.

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Writer, Sanna Haikonen, CEO & founder of Realitybend

Sanna is a well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate a truly meaningful change and transformation program that is also Realitybend’s mission; To help and enable people to create free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for themselves and through that participate in co-creating such future ultimately to our whole humanity and Earth.

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