Why is the world on fire and what can we do about it?

Dec 9 / Sanna Haikonen

The state of our humanity and our world - the world of humans - is not the healthiest. As a matter of fact it can seem like it is on fire. There are all kinds of wars going on. Culture war and political war between “left” and “right”. “Progressives” and “conservatives”. There are “wars” between sexes, women and men and also some kind of “war” on both biological sexes overall. There is a war against climate change. There is a war against hate speech and also free speech. There are also actual wars fought with weapons where incredible living and breathing human-beings - that would have a lot to live and also a lot of good to give to the world - kill each other in the name of whatever. And this is just a small fraction of the tip of the iceberg. 

What I just described is NOT normal nor natural. This is not a real representation of what human-beings are by their nature. This is actually a reflection of a deeply mis-led and traumatized species. Yet the good news is we CAN heal and free ourselves from our traumas and what is mis-leading us.

We are all beings of Life

Even if we had strong opposing opinions and painful experiences about certain people, groups or their ideas and opinions, and we would feel absolutely sure that we are right and they are wrong and we should fight at all cost against them, I invite each of us to step back for a moment and recognize something. The real truth is that we are ALL beings of Life that are born from and maintained by the same intelligence. Also those we may be keen to judge and fight against. 

The same intelligence of Life has given birth to all of us. It pumps all of our hearts, digests the food each of us eat and overall it regulates all of our incredible bodies. It doesn’t judge. It doesn’t think that some people would be more worthy than others. It doesn’t fight or war against certain kinds of people or Life in general at all costs. No. It creates and sustains all Life. It always stands for Life. Never against it. 

Each of us beautiful human-beings of Life are also very similar in nature. We have the same deep desires to love and be loved. To be seen, to be appreciated and respected. In truth within the intelligent scheme of all Life each of us have our own life-serving purposes, passions as well as gifts and talents that we are born to express and develop. Through that each of us could experience great fulfillment and joy of Life and simultaneously we would bring true value to all Life. We are born to play together, to co-operate and co-create. That is how intelligent Life and nature by nature works.
Our incredible bodies are created by trillions of individual cells playing together in beautiful harmony. Each of the cells are unique. They have their own purposes and missions in their lives that they express and through that they can experience great fulfillment and bring value to all Life in greater scheme. That is cells true nature and the way they act by their true nature. The same thing is true also about each creature, plant and element of our planet. The same thing is true of atoms and molecules, stars, planets and moons. The same thing is true about each part of the natural whole of all existence. Each unique part of the whole is in their place expressing their true nature and through that enabling all Life and existence to play together as brilliantly as it does.

So it is not really human-beings that are warring against our own individual selves, each other and Life in general. We are not born for that. It is not in our true nature. These are wars instigated by paradigms, beliefs and ideas. Paradigms and belief-systems that have dominated and are still dominating a lot of human-consciousness, are what are mis-leading us to go against our true nature. With that they have also produced deep wounds to our psyche and thus we continue to war. But it is time to end that now. It is time for peace and healing. It is time for a big shift. A paradigm-shift. 
Writer, Sanna Haikonen, CEO & founder of Realitybend

Sanna is a well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate a truly meaningful change and transformation program that is also Realitybend’s mission; To help and enable people to create free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for themselves and through that participate in co-creating such future ultimately to our whole humanity and Earth.
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