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Fear of Life = Fear of Sickness and Death

  And so I sat there, watching the world of humans going crazy. Yet the truth was they had been crazy for a long  long time already, now it just escalated and surfed up for all to see. And I sat there in silence and then thoughts came: What happened to human? How it became…
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Message to humanity: “help my beloved friend.”

  Today 12.12.2019 is the last full moon of the decade. What would be the better time to deliver this message in a form of a blog-post. I had an interesting encounter with full moon around 20 years ago that actually at that time freaked me out totally. My mind was running at that time…
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Why celebrate independence gained through war?

  There was an Independence day yesterday in Finland. 102 years ago Finland gained it’s independence from Russia. There have been wars after this and changes in boarders between the countries, yet Finland have kept it’s status as independent country. I personally am not following main-stream media at all – almost any media to be…
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Who and what drives your life?

. And let me continue with question: Do you have a vision for your life? If we ourselves do not choose by which script we live and create our own life with, we become unconscious replicators of our own past experiences and environment. Once we reach a certain point of adulthood: majority of what and…
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  It is already known fact proven by quantum physics that reality is consciousness (consciousness and energy so integrated that one cannot be separated from the other) AND that the experiencer creates the reality it experiences based on it’s so called knowing. Knowing means that what the experiencer “knows to be true”, i.e. BELIEVES TO…
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  Life is SUPER-GENIUS. Actually, that is an understatement. It is TOTALLY and INFINITELY SUPER-GENIUS. Actually, that too is way understatement to describe and capture that GENIUS in it’s entirety. Once you become aware of that fact and then start to gradually embody that: you will reach a realisation that there is not one single…
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On a way to New Earth – the truth shall make us free

  Let’s start by introducing someone. Highly highly intelligent, uniquely gifted and courageous woman: Jane Roberts (1929 – 1984). She was an author who published several books under her own name, but what is really interesting that there are several books under her name that she did not write with her own physical hands. Instead…
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Quantum physics enables us to “create a world that sane god would create”

  Reality with capital R – All-that-is – is infinite, intelligent and reflective consciousness where each operate and have their own existence through their own point of focus, through their own consciousness, which is integrated part of All. Time and space are dimensional illusions and are experienced totally differently if one is experiencing life for…
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Visioita Uudesta Maailmasta – Tie sinne

  Mikä on se paikka missä ihmiset ovat oivaltaneet kaiken elämän pyhyyden ja jumalallisuuden mukaan luettuna heidän omansa? Mikä on se paikka missä ihmiset ovat tietoisia siitä, että kaikki (elämä) on yhteydessä ja tämän kaiken ihmeellisen näkyvien ja näkymättömien elämän osapuolten jatkuvasti yhteensoittavan sinfonian takana on mitä äärettömin älykkyys? Mikä on se paikka missä ihmiset…
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Visions of a New Earth – The way there

  What is that place where humans have awakened to their divinity and the divinity of all life? What is that place where humans are consciouss about the connectedness of all life and the infinite intelligence behind this most miraculous symphony? Symphony where all the seen and unseen parts play continuosly together to create the…
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