Collaborate with Realitybend

Let's work together on this great mission to create free, healthy and thriving future for our humanity and Earth!

Multiple ways to collaborate

When the seed visions of New Human, New Humanity and New Earth speak to your core and they become also your vision for the future, and the mission to create them as manifested reality becomes also your mission; there are multiple ways for us to collaborate on that.  

Become an ambassador

First way of course is to through, sharing recommending and promoting our pages, blog, social media channels and program. People get informed about this Life-serving mission to create free, healthy and thriving future for our humanity and Earth and also their own possibility to create that for themselves and most importantly; how to do both of these. You can also earn 10% commission from our premium priced product - Become New Human Premium Coaching Program - when someone who you referred it to makes a purchase. In this case both your referral and you need to be active towards us. Ask your referral to mention you during the call that leads to sales. Additionally you need to contact us about your referral either already prior the sales or within a week after that. In case we can verify that you have referred them to us, we will pay you 10% commission.
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Teach at Realitybend

At this moment our main focus is to provide education that can help and enable people to adopt and embody a state consciousness and being of New Human. If you are an expert, thought leader and/or visionary whose know-how and wisdom can truly help people with that; we are open for collaboration! Submit your proposal and credentials through our collaboration application form, and we'll get back to you.
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Team up to build

Right now Realitybend is at startup phase and open to team up with creative, talented and dedicated people with great integrity and entrepreneurial spirit who are inspired and motivated to team up in building the greatest, most Life-loving and Life-serving transformation program - and with that also a company - of humans and humanity. If you have an idea, skills, talents, experience or simply a burning passion that could be an asset in building our program and company and you are open to team up; please fill up 'Collaboration application' and tell us more!
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Become an investor

If you are interested in becoming an investor to our visionary startup with great, Life-serving mission and very lucrative business opportunities in multiple areas, please contact us either through email or contact form, or then through our collaboration application form: 
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Check our courses now!

Learn about the nature of Life and reality - including yourself - on a whole new, visionary level. Learn how to utilize this knowledge to become truly free, loving, empowered and authentic version of yourself, who is able to create fulfilling and thriving Life and truly contribute to the betterment of humans, humanity and our Earth.
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