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Learn founding paradigms for new, healthy, balanced and thriving future. Learn also the basics how to create that as a manifested reality. This FREE course contains the basic lessons and materials from the Become New Human Premium Coaching Program.
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Sanna Haikonen

Sanna Haikonen is the founder of Realitybend. She is also the main visionary and initiator of this transformation program to create and co-create a state of being, Life and reality called New Human, New Humanity and New Earth as our manifested, everyday reality.

Sanna is well established, trained and certified change and transformation implementation professional with over 13 years of experience in a big, global, well respected company with around 10 billion net revenue. On top of that she has done multiple years of her own research, study and development - including her own personal transformation - to be able to initiate this truly meaningful change and transformation program to create truly free, healthy, balanced and thriving future for our humanity and Earth. Sanna started this work after having a profound enlightening experience which made her to realize the nature of Life and reality on a whole new level. She also realized that to hold the keys for a total, Life-honoring transformation for each individual human as well as whole humanity.

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More about Sanna's professional details from Linkedin:
"Sanna is not only a great conceptual thinker, but a person who gets things done according to a plan from very beginning to a very end. Sanna is a great team player, with great can do attitude. Sanna’s capability to communicate and present complex topics in simple and understandable way is a big plus."

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