Do you ever look at your own Life together with the Life of human-society and think; this is NOT how Life is supposed to be!

If you do, congratulations! Even if you had sadness, anxiety, shame, resentment, anger or even depression involved with these thoughts I am still saying CONGRATULATIONS! You are not completely blinded and shut-down from within. You are still at least somewhat open to the extremely wise, intelligent, powerful, ancient part of you deep within. The part of you that is beyond any conditioning of the, let’s be honest; quite dysfunctional and from many parts also insane human-society. This inner part of you - THE REAL YOU - KNOWS very well that by nature Life works absolutely brilliantly. However humans have been able to take that which works absolutely brilliantly and turn it into quite a mess.
What if I told you that I know exactly why this is? What if I told you that I know the original roots of all the problems that humans have, you included? What if I told you I know not only what they are, but where they are, where they came from and how to fix them once and for all?
How did I come to these conclusions? And who am I to say that I know how to fix the roots of all the problems that humans have once and for all?

My name is Sanna Haikonen. I'm the founder of Realitybend and now I'm going to tell you my story.



From the very beginning of my own Life here on this planet, I have simply loved all Life. And not just human-life but all life and nature. I always felt very connected to nature and also had this kind of urge to take care of Life. Like spiders, worms, squirrels, you name it. I felt all forms of Life were precious and I wanted to take care of them. I was also always very upset when any creatures of Life were treated poorly. My mother found herself multiple times from situations where I was crying hysterically and questioning the motives of humans no matter if there was a cartoon where a mother bear was shot by a hunter, or if it was a protective net around a berry-bush that had caused a bird to get stuck and die. Also seeing starving children through news-casts or whatever cases where Life wasn't protected and taken care of made me quite overwhelmed by disbelief and also very very sad.

Also already at quite a young age I was pretty intrigued of where and how all Life had originated, so basically who or what was behind all Life. As a child I was told that God the father was behind all Life and at first I bought the tale I was told without much questioning. Especially because I was also told that God the father loved and cherished ALL of his creations equally in infinite measures without any conditions. This part definitely rang as the truth in my own, Life-loving, pure child’s heart.
I was quite keen to learn more about the party who was behind all Life and so I made myself familiar with our religious teachings and came to learn that God the father they were teaching about wasn't a REALLY loving father at all. On the contrary he was quite power-hungry, violent and vindictive, and if he showed some love or mercy towards his creations, it definitely wasn’t equal nor without any conditions. 

And this wasn’t of course the only contradiction or illogical component in the religious teachings, but there were so many it was quite overwhelming. What was also overwhelming to learn was the amount of killing and destruction of Life that had been implemented in this world in the name of religions that worship this kind of very violent, vindictive and power-hungry God-figure, and still people were following and bowing to such religions and their dogmatic ways even though everyone knew what they were teaching combined with all the damage that had been done in their name. First as a child and then as an adolescent it was just quite unbelievable to witness that this was the state of our humanity and a world. I didn’t know about what is called “Stockholm syndrome” at the time, but that is of course pretty much the kind of dynamic that I saw already in my young years and it was so hard for me to understand.

At the age of fifteen the Lutheran christian confirmation school ended up being the final straw for me and I totally signed out from any kind of religious teachings in my mind and simultaneously from any sort of spirituality. I declared myself as an atheist who wouldn’t trust anything but science and logical, rational thought as the source that could define any sort of framework of truth for me about the nature of Life and reality. For me all the religious or spiritual teachings and their interpretations that I was aware of at the time were just way too Life-dishonoring, destructive and illogical.

However back then I wasn’t at all as thoughtful regarding the main ideas and teachings of science as I had been related to religious teachings. I was very naive regarding them and just simply assumed that all science with its theories were always created and conducted from a very comprehensive perspective, systematically with great intelligent and logical thought. This would of course have to be the case when it comes to the theories and ideas that were assumed to be true in our modern society about the nature of Life and reality and how they function, and also about the origins and evolution of Life and reality in general. Science was and pretty much still is so highly endorsed and trusted in our society and also its concrete achievements are visible and utilized successfully in so many areas of our lives so at the time I just swallowed all its main ideas without any conscious thought and scrutiny from my part. 
What this meant in practice was that I had very much shut down my own inner, natural sense of self who was always so connected with Life and nature and who knew in her heart of hearts that the underlying intelligence of all Life and existence is love. Now I was an atheist who believed having her existence in a material partly random and partly deterministic Universe with no deeper interconnected intelligence within it. Human-society for me looked crazy and people seemed to disrespect, sabotage and destroy Life, but there wasn’t really anything that anyone could do about it. Me neither, although I felt a strong call within for that.

Pretty crazy and unintelligent belief-system when I look at it now, but at the time I was its prisoner without even realizing it. In its guidance together with other beliefs and norms of our society I was living a Life that felt quite terrible and hopeless. I got my first depression diagnosis around the age of 20. At that time I got my meds and got some therapy that made me “swallow” my believed destiny to be just a cosmic accident who can't do anything other than try to do its best in this society that seemed so crazy and unhealthy to me.

This "treatment" helped me at the time that much that I did end my meds soon and became more or less "normal human-being" according to our current, quite an unhealthy and unnatural society. So I tried my best for many many years to live according to basic “good, normal Life” principles of this world and looking from the outside in it did seem that I was doing pretty well. I had a successful career, I was married, beautiful and dear children, we had our own house at a great location, dear hobbies and friends... However I wasn't really happy. I wasn’t living my Life really according to my true nature and potential although it did have some beautiful and dear elements from that too.

As years went by the call from my true inner self beyond any conditioning became stronger. It was calling me to awaken to the fact that myself like the whole human-society was living Life against our true nature and that I was born to do something about it. Yet from the belief-setup by which my mind was operating and I was living my Life at the time such a call felt frightening and I tried to suffocate and run away from it. In a Universe and Life that was just a big, random accident with some deterministic twist there weren't any real Life-serving callings and purposes for anyone. Feeling something like that so strongly seemed more like a mental disorder than a legitimate, normal thing in the scheme of Life and nature. Like said already; Pretty crazy and unintelligent belief-system when I look at it now, but at the time I was its prisoner without even realizing it. In its guidance together with other beliefs and norms of our society I was living a Life that felt quite terrible and hopeless.

The catalyst event for me to start breaking free was a personal crisis that I ended up creating living this way which started as health-issues which led to total burnout and my second depression diagnosis. It was such a dark place for me. A dead-end-rock-bottom where I knew I simply couldn’t live my Life like I had anymore. I also knew from experience that what seemingly helped last time doesn’t really make any real difference. All that traditional therapy or meds can do is to try to make you somehow cope in a world with its ways that is set up in a way that makes everyone sick. That is not a REAL solution. That is not in any way intelligent. It’s actually stupidity and worse than that. Insanity. So this time I simply knew I couldn’t or wouldn’t conform to insanity anymore. I was already a mother at this point for Heavens’ sake! How could I do that and model and set such a path also for my children? No way I was going to do that! So I firmly decided I was going to make a total transformation in Life and that nothing could stop me.

Soon after this, something quite extraordinary happened. Or at least it was that for an atheist who was certain she was having her existence in a material, random universe without any deeper underlying intelligence and interconnectedness of consciousness and energy of Life and existence.


I was quietly sitting outside in nature just listening to different sounds of nature and smelling its scents and really just sensing nature fully as it felt so healing and nourishing for me in my condition at the time. As I sat there all of a sudden my consciousness just spontaneously opened up and expanded. At that instant I was able to experience everything, the whole reality and existence in a totally different way than I had used to. At this moment I also knew that the basic scientific theories and teachings of our world about the nature of Life and reality were simply untrue.
At the moment as my consciousness opened up and expanded I was clearly and profoundly able to experience how everything – the whole natural reality and universe or actually multiverse – is interconnected, alert and alive. Basically a little bit like a huge living organism, interconnected with each other through networks of consciousness and energy, but also simultaneously SO much more than that. However it was crystal-clear that it wasn’t some material, random accident with a little bit of determinism involved.

It also became clear how each interconnected part of the natural whole has their own, unique genius purposes in place which are something that also enable and support the natural, interconnected whole to work so brilliantly as it does. Just like with a human-body that is composed by trillions of individual cells all having their own purposes and through the interconnected genius they are composing a fully functional body of a human-being or some other creature, this is true also of those creatures and all elements of natural reality. The purpose or purposes of each part of the natural whole are also something that are natural and fulfilling to each unique, individual part of the natural whole and they are also something which are guided from within through the networks of consciousness and energy where all is interconnected.

It also became clear that just like with a human-body composed by trillions of individual cells, that are connected through these networks of consciousness and energy, who are also able to respond to each signal they receive including each thought that the human think which then also affects what happens within the body; this was happening also outside our bodies. So what we believe in, what we think, feel, and how we act and so forth are all signals that are constantly affecting how the reality we experience takes form and unfolds. It affects what happens within the interconnected whole that is our physical body, and it affects the interconnected whole that we experience as our external physical reality and it affects the parts of our being and reality that from our perspective are currently more unknown or unconscious to us.

Now there was of course much more within this experience and after this the expansion of my consciousness have continued and I can say that the reality of all existence including our own is far more greater and malleable than humans have tended to believe and think in our world. Far more. However the main thing here is that we are pretty much creating our own reality based on the paradigms and beliefs that we believe to be true. Also I can say that the little girl that was me was right; there is deep, what may be called as spiritual or divine, love-based nature within all existence, including what we experience as the realm of material and biological existence. It is intelligent love and attraction that forms the basic foundation for our existence.

After this Life-transforming experience my healing and restoration started to happen very rapidly. I also started big research and study to better understand what humans already knew about the true nature of Life and reality and its practical application because I of course realized that I had experienced something which holds the keys of total transformation not only for myself and my own Life but simultaneously for all humans and humanity.


Much of what I have been able to experience about the true nature of Life and reality is actually something that our science has also already found out among lots of other interesting things that are confirming that through our own consciousness and energy we are constantly affecting how Life and reality take form and unfold in our experience which basically means what I already said: we are pretty much creating our own reality based on the paradigms and beliefs that we believe to be true. 

The paradigms and beliefs about the nature of Life and reality including our own nature form the basis for human-thought and action. They also affect how humans handle emotions and their emotional atmosphere in general, how humans relate to each other and their environment, and they affect what kind of choices humans make, how they behave and ultimately how they create their own individual lives, and also their communities, societies and their world. And this doesn’t happen only through what we do in our physical world but through the constant information and energy exchange happening through the networks of consciousness and energy where all is interconnected, and in its own way also constantly recreated.

Nevertheless the illogical and impossible scientific dogmas about some material, random, but then again a bit deterministic material universe with no deeper, connecting intelligence and consciousness have prevailed in our society, together with the religious dogmas that worship violent male-God. But it is time to put an end to this now. The clear and simple fact is that roots to all the darkness in this world with all the pain, insanity, division, violence, war and basically utter disrespect and destruction of Life and nature, can easily be traced back to these paradigms or rather dogmas and the cure is of course to change the paradigms.

Through changing the foundation that directs our thought, emotion, choices, habits and action ends-up creating a whole new kind of state of being and Life for individual humans and ultimately also to whole humanity. And when the foundation is based on the true, incredible, love-based nature of Life and reality that is on Life’s side, it is a foundation for truly free, healthy, happy, thriving and fulfilling Life. Individually and collectively.

Now almost nine years after my Life-changing enlightening experience in 2023 and after long and intense study, development, testing and my own personal healing, transformation and growth accordingly; I have developed a framework and method that REALLY works. The "New Human - New Earth Framework" is based on the true nature of Life and reality and most comprehensive and intelligent science. It is able to shed light to the roots of the problems that humans have - you included - and it enables you to fix them once and for all. In a way that you are also able to consciously and purposefully create a fulfilling Life of great clarity, deep desires and highest potential through which you'll also create significant, positive impact to our world. This Framework and with it's teachings and methods has given incredible results for me and anyone else who has tested them. It has the power to change your own individual Life completely and it has the power to do the same thing for the whole world. 

To learn basics about that I recommend you to read my blog-post called "Same simple recipe transforms your Life and also the world to profoundly satisfying and thriving state". Additionally if you want to put a big gear on with transforming your whole state of being and Life to a whole new state and dimension check out our “Become New Human Premium Coaching Program”. 

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